Google Translate Makes A Cake Live!
Thank you all for 3 million subscribers! This was one of the most fun lives I’ve ever done! And I couldn’t have done it without..these high quality t-shirts with my name on them sold only at ...and you 🙄😂 love you all!

  • Xavier Ormsby
    Xavier Ormsby


  • Lisa Damon
    Lisa Damon


  • Giraffe Special
    Giraffe Special

    Me: it’s 1:30 am and I have to get up early today eh one more video won’t hu- *91 videos later* Me: still not tierd

  • {itz_Gacha Luce21}
    {itz_Gacha Luce21}

    That hat tho- gucci could never👌🏼

  • olye ozle
    olye ozle

    I love these kinnda vids lol

  • Emily Guerrero
    Emily Guerrero

    its still live omg why efnht,iu.,rdbrt 123456789101112

  • Jordan Yeager
    Jordan Yeager

    When did kelly get a frame?? Looking good girl!

    • Jordan Yeager
      Jordan Yeager

      I don’t watch them in order apparently 😂😂

  • athena beck
    athena beck

    I love ur vids

  • addison Applegate
    addison Applegate


  • Whitney Lyons
    Whitney Lyons

    I bet your cleaning person is one of the most highly paid around!!! At least they better be!!! 🤣

  • Linda Crytser
    Linda Crytser

    i can't go to sleep so i am up at 6:29 in the morning

  • Linda Crytser
    Linda Crytser

    i can't go to sleep so i am up at 6:29 in the morning

  • Harmony Moore
    Harmony Moore


  • Carla Brave
    Carla Brave

    OH My god your Live

  • Tyann Wheeler
    Tyann Wheeler

    What the heck. You added too little olive oil. What are you thinking?!

  • Jacob Petro
    Jacob Petro


  • Chassidy Christmas
    Chassidy Christmas

    Oh wow... you are not getting ur deposit back 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Cassidi Roach
    Cassidi Roach

    i thought he was thor for a sec lol

  • Ivania Romero
    Ivania Romero

    Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • Little Sweet Lemon
    Little Sweet Lemon


  • Electric Outrage
    Electric Outrage

    YOOOOOOO I wore that hat to my friend's party. Mine was pink tho xD

  • Balloon Bruh
    Balloon Bruh

    Google translate makes a baby. Make it happen

  • Cassidy what Carney
    Cassidy what Carney


  • Cassidy what Carney
    Cassidy what Carney

    Pls say hi to teagan

  • Cassidy Carney
    Cassidy Carney


  • Cassidy Carney
    Cassidy Carney

    Hello pls say hi tea

  • Eva Curran
    Eva Curran


  • UmbreonTwinkle

    I came from the 4 minute livestream and was like " how can he make a cake in only 4 minutes?

  • VANESSA Fauver
    VANESSA Fauver


  • Josh daddy
    Josh daddy

    Me: **sees the Pokémon cards from Kelly** huh. Brandon: “Kelly is collecting Pokémon cards” Me: Well alright then, seems logical

  • gerhard steyn
    gerhard steyn

    LMAO - nearly killed my wife with laughter with that mean leaf blower of yours

  • Sir waffles
    Sir waffles

    i can watch this whole thing through, yet i can’t work on my school assignments

  • iamfrosted

    I don’t like you

  • jocelyn sulaiman
    jocelyn sulaiman


  • jocelyn sulaiman
    jocelyn sulaiman


  • Kwxxds

  • Tabby N
    Tabby N


  • Chrissy Johnson
    Chrissy Johnson

    My baby a good team who won blame her man1

  • Caleb Lawson
    Caleb Lawson


  • Melly Mel
    Melly Mel


  • Geraldine Laboucan
    Geraldine Laboucan

    Can you say my name its Seth I have cancer on my right leg

  • Carla Ronquillo
    Carla Ronquillo

    Nice hat 😊

  • Sidney Cirone
    Sidney Cirone


  • hope kookie
    hope kookie

    And this is why you never use Google Translate for a language class kids

  • Kayla Knight
    Kayla Knight


  • Kayla Knight
    Kayla Knight


  • Kayla Knight
    Kayla Knight


  • Kayla Knight
    Kayla Knight


  • Brayden Dalrymple
    Brayden Dalrymple

    0:27 Do you have games on ur phone?

  • Cameron

    Google Translate live stop working

  • Alex Romero
    Alex Romero

    why don’t you film as much anymore?

  • The Gordita Chips
    The Gordita Chips

    You know it’s good when he pulls out the pink drink

  • Kiki Jo
    Kiki Jo

    Dude, man bun? Ah you have lost BROWNIE points.

  • Tyler Nerf guns
    Tyler Nerf guns

    What the wu

  • Tanja Sørensen
    Tanja Sørensen

    It would be so cool if actual kelly some day was just in the video wearing strange shit he put on her during the years! And he just yelled at her XD views

  • Janelle Jeffs
    Janelle Jeffs


  • Rozabella w
    Rozabella w


  • Ashlee Carpenter
    Ashlee Carpenter

    i'm not actually watching this live....... And i can't tell the difference between this and his normal videos xD

  • Grayson Saunders
    Grayson Saunders


  • Deanna Kittrell
    Deanna Kittrell

    Is it bad that i thought it was my Wi-Fi for real

  • Deanna Kittrell
    Deanna Kittrell

    11:28:me crying cuz i cant stop laughing anf at the wnd I thought it was my Wi-Fi lol

  • Michael Mahan
    Michael Mahan


  • Luke crooks
    Luke crooks

    Wish the audio was better

  • Lora Routon
    Lora Routon

    Anyone else aa “good” here?! 🤣🤣🤣

    • Lora Routon
      Lora Routon

      A good here is what it meant 😅😅

  • Angela Albasin
    Angela Albasin


  • chloie stebar
    chloie stebar

    Your crazy

  • Ash

    i watching the chat and there are so many mha weebs i love it...

  • mia Wolfpack
    mia Wolfpack


  • Courts

    People say China started Covid-19... but think again...


    people are not here and im in school


    Im in school

  • Family McDonnell
    Family McDonnell

    Jear Desus

  • Family McDonnell
    Family McDonnell


  • Cindy Lee Hooper
    Cindy Lee Hooper

    { Singalong In The Replys If You Want} There once was a ship that put to sea

    • Ciara hooper
      Ciara hooper

      The name of the ship was a bully of tea ^Only listened to this song once sorry if I messed up lyrics^

  • DreammDropp

    Im wearing 3 hats, a onesie pajama pikachu thing, a hoodie, a cat dab shirt, black jeans, and my private protecters, it was like 87 degrees two hours ago, im under two blankets. But no party hats, this is a problem

  • Phoenix Haynes
    Phoenix Haynes

    Is no one going to address the fact he fucking greased the pan with DISHWASHER LIQUID AND THEN STILL TRIED THE CAKE???!!! Does anything know if he’s alive???!! Omg

  • Jessica Sperry
    Jessica Sperry

    29:34 fσr wєírd fαcє

  • Whats-My-Fandom


  • Rachael Lawson
    Rachael Lawson

    Omg I love you

  • Bryian Pederson
    Bryian Pederson

    my sis love you

  • Bryian Pederson
    Bryian Pederson


  • Taelyn Witschi
    Taelyn Witschi


  • Kalena Carr
    Kalena Carr


  • Emily Rettew
    Emily Rettew


  • Emily Rettew
    Emily Rettew

    I didn’t know how to speak

  • Emily Rettew
    Emily Rettew

    I can’t speak

  • Richard Anderson
    Richard Anderson

    Brandon, read this!!! Love your videos and can’t get enough. Anytime I’m down I know exactly what to do. 🙏

  • Mia Standridge
    Mia Standridge

    Umm today is March 13 2021 and I Almost burn down a hole tell oop

  • Autumn's epic Adventure
    Autumn's epic Adventure

    I was on the live after the google translate part

  • Pashia Rosecrans
    Pashia Rosecrans

    It looks like a zoom call and yet he is still funny.

  • Kenneth Martell
    Kenneth Martell

    It's funny once you realize he is playing with balls

  • Michael Chapman
    Michael Chapman

    Like that nickelback song; and what the hell is on brandons head?

  • Astrid Remert
    Astrid Remert

    Just me That watch the whole freking ting

  • Ryleigh Hayden
    Ryleigh Hayden

    Stop talking and cook

  • Tin

    I just- you've grown so much :) Last time I watched you, you had around 1mil, I'm so proud of you for hitting 3mil :)

  • Verified 4.00 kd.
    Verified 4.00 kd.

    Hes the smartest human being ive ever seen and btw i love your 5 minute craft videos and congrats on 3 mil

  • Farmschool Chicks
    Farmschool Chicks

    The baking soda 😳 The baking power 😰 The salt 😱

  • Jamie Gray
    Jamie Gray

    Haven't seen you since facebook. It's been a year and you haven't change. Love to start my day with a laugh.

  • Ciara hooper
    Ciara hooper

    "Sloors Be Flippery" -Imbrandonfarris 2021

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