Google Translate Makes My Thanksgiving Dinner
I'm thankful that it's over..
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  • Leah Anderson
    Leah Anderson

    Brandon: "Cranberry sauce, my favourite!" *As soon as he tastes it spits it back up again.* Enjoy your thanksgiving (even though I'm British and I have no clue what thanksgiving is)

  • Ava Rene Conrad
    Ava Rene Conrad

    Me half way through the video: are we still making thanksgiving dinner

  • Who_Am_I?

    Brandon if you make the rap song a thing I have a name idea it’s called the turkey rap 😌

  • Samantha Young
    Samantha Young

    When the part when he started showing off the dinner came I thought it was an ad

  • Lønē Tøkÿõ
    Lønē Tøkÿõ


  • LOCO NINO pelea conmigo te reto
    LOCO NINO pelea conmigo te reto

    him and miranda sings must be best friends

  • 《• Mønsieur •》
    《• Mønsieur •》

    he raised the honey well

  • Paul Hansen
    Paul Hansen

    When he was talking about donating the food there was drawings on the wall 😂

  • 33 /Al'Zuhr\
    33 /Al'Zuhr\


  • Ryan The Epic Guy
    Ryan The Epic Guy

    Thats the most clean I’ve seen his kitchen

  • Emily Ninian
    Emily Ninian

    Brandon : starts rapping Me : wow that happened quick

  • Olivia Bruce
    Olivia Bruce

    This video=concern That rap was everything though, he ate that up (as well as the unfortunate proceedings of this video). It low-key reminded me of Jae for whatever reason 💀 Can we talk about the honey montage and the motivational thing he did for the cranberries I’m dying ✋🏽😭

  • Raelynn Mowder
    Raelynn Mowder

    I love your videos they are halarious😂😂 and they make me happy every day 🥰

  • Marceline Florence
    Marceline Florence

    I wonder how long does he takes to make even just 1 video 😭😭😭

  • Janie Love
    Janie Love

    the turkey the meat

  • Andy Sep
    Andy Sep

    You. Are. The. Funniest. Fucking. UZloadr

  • G4m3r girl
    G4m3r girl


  • Richie Stahl
    Richie Stahl

    0:39 funny white man turns into tin foil boos with raw chicken

  • Zunayra Amanatulla
    Zunayra Amanatulla

    Dad making dinner be like:

  • Steam punk Stuff
    Steam punk Stuff

    Who else would watch Brendan‘s content if it was just him rapping with a turkey and a tinfoil suit.

  • Beev

    This was just comedy Gold

  • Vibes With Vicky
    Vibes With Vicky

    I am so glad I decided to watch this

  • SillyMae

    0:46 is where I approximately started questioning my life choices

  • Kirk Waterhouse
    Kirk Waterhouse

    This was the funniest video ever

  • Azrael_TheMess

    Does your girlfriend ever just walk in on you and your potato socks

  • Paige Hawthorn
    Paige Hawthorn

    you could have used the other side of the hammer to get the nail out lol

  • Bodee Hood
    Bodee Hood

    How to basic right here

  • we are Anonymous
    we are Anonymous


  • we are Anonymous
    we are Anonymous

    0:08 "All right turkey first" *splat*

  • Brooke Burke
    Brooke Burke

    “Slors be slippery” “did I just say slors be slippery?” Me: rewinds... yeah he did say slors be slippery..

  • DANWILL2174

    that rap still fire tho

  • *_JustAnimations_*

    the turkey rap 0:40

  • Cat Kitty
    Cat Kitty

    Yes I watch. My cook a turkey incorrectly Put mash in a stocking and wear it Yes it is enjoyable

  • Dogwater Rawr
    Dogwater Rawr

    That rap was so powerful 💗

  • Olivia Lehman
    Olivia Lehman

    I’m out

  • Mackenzie Shirley
    Mackenzie Shirley

    This is a masterpiece 😂💛

  • oneloling

    that RAP was gooooooooooooooood

  • Dustin Turner
    Dustin Turner

    What is the neck all the other ones a shit hole but when you kissed

  • Dustin Turner
    Dustin Turner

    Because of that first part about the unsubscribe

  • Lilian Freeman
    Lilian Freeman

    Am I the only one that found him cutting the lettuce satisfying

  • Lilly McArthur
    Lilly McArthur

    This guy is a legend

  • Michael Goltra
    Michael Goltra

    I feel like no ones mentioning the amazing rap :0

  • ꧁UnicornLight꧂

    Rap from Brandon: AMAZING, HES A STAR!!! Jear Desus 💕✨👉👈

  • Lisa Adair
    Lisa Adair

    The tin foil 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • Senpai

    0:09 that’s an onion

  • Lucille Fuhrmeister
    Lucille Fuhrmeister

    I lofe that rap FANTASTIC

  • Lucille Fuhrmeister
    Lucille Fuhrmeister

    Should I feel bad-

  • Piper Rose Jones
    Piper Rose Jones

    “And boiling hot gravy” *pours*. “Ooh daddy”

  • Maria Lynnerup
    Maria Lynnerup

    gordon ramsey been real qiuet since this came out

  • Lilly lissmyr pleadwell
    Lilly lissmyr pleadwell

    His girlfriend: y is he still in the shower Brandon still washing his legs for the 45th time

  • Bigulhgh

    I love how he just left the sandwich on the fridge

  • Zanaiyah Dre Agulto
    Zanaiyah Dre Agulto

    10:04 why'd you say oh daddy 😐

  • kermit's bro
    kermit's bro

    You should be a ainger

    • kermit's bro
      kermit's bro


  • Daddy Communism
    Daddy Communism

    *dominate the eggs*

  • yoweebcallie

    "Now is not the time to be dyslexic..." -Brandon 2020 (This has probably been said before :')"

  • Quality Control
    Quality Control

    Brandon:ohh daddy me: HWAT THE HECK

  • Rose Quartz
    Rose Quartz

    Foot in Turkey..

  • Alesha Close
    Alesha Close

    I lose it everytime I hear him call the turkey a little drug mule. 😂

  • Grace Loves Alucard
    Grace Loves Alucard

    Why isn't that rap on Spotify it's epic!

  • XNAROTO775 0
    XNAROTO775 0

    i laughed so hard that i farted

    • Fayth Osborn
      Fayth Osborn


  • Efrain Vasquez
    Efrain Vasquez


  • Verna Akers
    Verna Akers


  • Keith Johnson
    Keith Johnson

    8:02 English is key

  • the cuter dio brando
    the cuter dio brando

    No cap he just became a rap god

  • ThatOneArtisttt

    Did no one see that TRANSITION HE DID?! FANTASTIC

  • plastic heart
    plastic heart

    He can rap too weaw!!!

  • White Wolf
    White Wolf

    I literally tiered at his small motavasio

  • Emily Hall
    Emily Hall

    I know he did not just make a rap about a turkey 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣omg the stuff brandon does

  • Annie Howe
    Annie Howe

    It must take hours to cover your whole body with the foil thing

  • Jokes Made
    Jokes Made

    Why does he legit look good in the tin foil🤣🤣

  • Isak Osman
    Isak Osman

    8:43 Mario when Princess Peach is kidnapped

  • Kevin Mcallister
    Kevin Mcallister

    i respect the glass animals shirt

  • Shãy-Chãn

    You mean ... *click* These cherrys 8:12

  • Franklin Arias
    Franklin Arias

    3:57😅 5:37😂 16:40🤣🤣🤣

  • Allison's Vids
    Allison's Vids

    Why was that rap so good

  • Gael Verdines
    Gael Verdines

    Thought that was pewdiepie from the thumbnail 😭😂

  • Robert Booker
    Robert Booker

    I love how he got a stf up shirt on "SHUT THE FUCK UP"lol im dead 👁👄👁💅

  • Still 2 good
    Still 2 good

    Why are we ignoring how good it looking on the table

  • Junglie

    I wouldn't leave this man in my kitchen for a single minute

    • Geris Nebu
      Geris Nebu

      haha lamo

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith

    Your a good singer

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith

    U funny

  • Galaxy Films
    Galaxy Films

    Gordon Ramsay is not happy send the turkey to him one day

  • Galaxy Films
    Galaxy Films

    No one‘s going to mention how it said Cook Eight soft children

  • Braiden Goff
    Braiden Goff

    Maybe you should have been a rapper instead of being a UZloadr lol.

  • Teehee

    the honey montage lmaooo

  • Lenn Van Rooy
    Lenn Van Rooy

    ''who knew that nails went trough wood'' hahaha lmao

  • eli

    0:40 that transition though 😌✋

  • Maga Land Bros
    Maga Land Bros

    i was playing minecraft and the minecraft music with the music for raiseing the honey perfect music

  • Mandy Magee
    Mandy Magee

    You are so funny 🤣

  • Poppy Atkin-Nash
    Poppy Atkin-Nash

    ok but why is the rap so weirdly good? i mean that sh*t should be on spotify

  • Noodle Gaming
    Noodle Gaming

    The hole by the wings is a neck hole, from where they cut the head and neck off 😂

    • Noodle Gaming
      Noodle Gaming

      And the bone thing is the neck 😂😂😂

  • Cashless Human
    Cashless Human

    I showed my mom your videos and she loves them

  • Brightwolf

    Brandon- “Really no smoke alarm” Smoke alarm- “oops forgot- BEEP BEEP!”

  • idk a weebシ
    idk a weebシ


  • lexgaming 172
    lexgaming 172

    Brandin: "progress can save you 15persent or more on car insurance" 🤣

  • Sugarplum Sisters
    Sugarplum Sisters

    Brandon should make that rap a real song I would love it lol

  • James Tierney
    James Tierney

    That motivational cranberry speech was awesome ngl

  • creeper wolf124
    creeper wolf124

    *dies of laughter*

  • Lena Rivas
    Lena Rivas

    i hate ads.

  • Ryleigh Kailyn
    Ryleigh Kailyn

    your speech was beautiful i cried