Try Not To Cringe (ASMR)
This made me ugly cry..
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  • Carmela Carnevali
    Carmela Carnevali

    You know the joke is funny when cam starts sounding like a tea kettle 😂

    • Douglas Treasure
      Douglas Treasure

      You r so right

    • Reign Brown
      Reign Brown

      😂😂😂😂 and I am dead

    • SAlex J c
      SAlex J c

      Omg yea

    • Brad Lakey
      Brad Lakey


    • Laney Weatherly
      Laney Weatherly

      @JellyBeanz 6 feet

  • Noelle Kozume
    Noelle Kozume

    Top 10 most funniest videos on youtube....

  • Noelle Kozume
    Noelle Kozume

    Top 10 most funniest videos on youtube....

  • yasss queen
    yasss queen

    Ive watched this video way too much everytime i get so uncomfy by that guy gosh😂😂

  • Emily

    13:53 😆🤣😂

  • Domus domus
    Domus domus

    are yall best frends???? bc yall are like my and my best frend ALWAYS LAUGPHING

  • Wendy Seidel
    Wendy Seidel

    Five worry bye-bye scary dark time but no no bye bye scary dark time when you Watch this no that wasn’t good

  • Caroline Davis
    Caroline Davis

    when he went in for the neck kiss 🤮

  • Csenge Szinak
    Csenge Szinak

    My FBI agent just thinks: Can I get someone else. I don't wanna watch this, because it's not my job to have fun on youtube. 😂

  • Csenge Szinak
    Csenge Szinak

    Cameron loosing it. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mark Mckenzie
    Mark Mckenzie

    I could not stop laughing for like the hole night XD 😂😂

  • -weirdo_ _em-
    -weirdo_ _em-

    *brandon rambles in asmr* Cameron: wheezes

  • Elfxiia

    Cam- eêrëèreæ. Réær

  • Emily Davis
    Emily Davis

    I love how at some times they giggle together like two little girls

  • Pigeon Bird
    Pigeon Bird

    "I made it to 12 minutes today!" I love how that's said 12 minutes in.

  • Dee Bo
    Dee Bo

    That was hysterical! You guys had me rolling! So funny when you made the dog like slurpy noises. That dude was creepy gross but you guys were great! Defi need to make another similar one. The laughs were much needed this week. Thanks Brandon and Cameron. Smoochie boochies. 😘 🤣

  • Scarlett’s Scraps Art
    Scarlett’s Scraps Art

    I’m 8 min in and screaming at you both to shut up cause I CANT BREATHE! 🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀

  • Jessica

    23 seconds in and I'm done! I can not make it any further! go on without me!

  • Andrea Pluff
    Andrea Pluff

    The amount of time I cringe in this video

  • I wish I was dreaming
    I wish I was dreaming

    I'm choking on my laugh... I can't BREATH

  • Ashlynn

    I don’t know how many times i’ve watched this video but I’m going to comment every time starting now so just scroll down to see

  • lindsayglave

    Baby farted cry laugh emoji

  • Erisa Jonuzi
    Erisa Jonuzi


  • Veronica Shamblin
    Veronica Shamblin


  • Gamergirl 509
    Gamergirl 509

    “Breaking the toilet and the news to your girlfriend.” Oop that hit hard

  • Lucinda Stone
    Lucinda Stone

    Damn that dudes that lonely hes hitting on a phone

  • Akr Keep
    Akr Keep

    me- (trying not to laugh hysterically at 2 am so I don't wake anyone up) ( I have literally had to stuff pillows in my mouth to not laugh because of Brandon)

  • T H A N K
    T H A N K

    Oml please do more of thus

  • Amelia Nemo
    Amelia Nemo

    cameron HAS A TIKTOK AKONT

  • TheAmazingfulOne

    That was horrible I feel violated. So uncomfortable. 😬

  • alli ooo
    alli ooo

    the amount of times i wanted to stop this video is illegal but i finished it 🙄😳😂

  • Bethany Traquair-clark
    Bethany Traquair-clark

    Just to say they are full grown men doing that 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Brandon if you pin pls pin this it is my dream

  • Denki {Quirk:Electricity}
    Denki {Quirk:Electricity}

    This was hilarious 😂😂 Just seeing y'all two laughing like the funniest stuff on earth just cracks me up oh my gosh even with the button thing was hilarious😂

  • Lindsay Zatuhcney
    Lindsay Zatuhcney

    I'm gonna act like I don't listener to BF asmr that are meant to be please from anime XD

  • MooBear_Playz

    does anyone see the sighn jear desus also here 6:41 ear esus Lol


    Brandon's teeth are just like a squirrel's one🤣

  • elfy freak
    elfy freak

    "*whispers in asmr*". Didn't know asmr was a language lol

  • Joy Suanne
    Joy Suanne

    ‘Oh two legs? You shouldn’t have’ 😂

  • Olivia Lodge
    Olivia Lodge

    Imagine looking up someone's name and that boyfriend video comes up.... That's something that you regret for the rest of your life 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂


    "those are my couch suckers, don't question it"

  • ᏇKiwi CamᏇ
    ᏇKiwi CamᏇ

    When you wish your in a relationship so you start making out with a camera:

  • Tøxiç Beár
    Tøxiç Beár

    Kelly be watching at that dentist part like- 0-0 y'all drunk ??

  • Emy Huber
    Emy Huber

    Does he have a merch? 😂😂

  • Victoria Mikkelson
    Victoria Mikkelson

    There’s good asmrs like that but they are like all anime characters an the fact I was wheezing the whole time my mom came to check on me

  • SA1(10) Harshpreet Kaur
    SA1(10) Harshpreet Kaur


  • Kimberly Root
    Kimberly Root

    I'm so glad this showed up on my suggested feed today im crying🤣 made my crappy day better lol

  • Beckett Packman
    Beckett Packman

    3:12 Brandon really sent it😂😂


    pin meeee plsss

  • Ivy Rose
    Ivy Rose

    That men is very creepy

  • Mintz To Go
    Mintz To Go

    bye bye scary dark time

  • Brandon Leung
    Brandon Leung

    The "Imagine him being your doctor got me dead"

  • Ro Sutton
    Ro Sutton

    This is so hilarious

  • Tomboy743

    It’s all fun and games until cam says: oh shoot I’m sorry I got to start over now😂. Me: *soul left the chat*

  • Anni-Eliise

    We need more of theseeeee!!! I've been watching this video on repeat for dayssssss

  • Electric_ Gay
    Electric_ Gay

    When you and your friend are laughing about something completely random but it's still funny

    • Jack Nichole
      Jack Nichole

      Ksjfjsks is UR PROFILE PIC

  • TrashyStupidFrog

    I'm the only one who prefer the japanese boyfriend asmr ?😭 BUT WHY IS THIS SO CRINGY WHEN THEY SHOW THEIR FACE I- 😭😭

  • gracieeelg ASMR
    gracieeelg ASMR

    Brandon: “Where are you going?” me: omg that is literally what i sad aswell 😂

  • Minde Kinde
    Minde Kinde

    minä olen ihmisaasi hehe

    • Minde Kinde
      Minde Kinde


  • Dark Skyzz
    Dark Skyzz

    What’s it’s called 😂😂

  • verifiedgamer427

    The title vs what it really was 2 men laughing for 20 to 30 mins straight

  • Ashlynn

    “Bye bye scary dark time” it’s all I needed to make my day 3000% better after I was sitting in my room and then toilet paper flew out of my bathroom and straight into my face so Every day is kind of sad in my house also I’m just you know of question in case it happens how do I get rid of spirits trying to kill me or they either want to kill me or they like me but they don’t want me here soooo yeah💜🖤 have a great day to whoever is reading this

  • Thanks I hate it
    Thanks I hate it

    Siimmmmbbaaaaaaaa *Runs thumb across forehead*

  • 14k Vibes
    14k Vibes

    “Can I give you a kiss..right here?....Yeah?”*licking peanut butter* OLLY SLEEPING HUMMIES


    i have to try not to laugh cause its night and everyone's asleep

  • Metal Head
    Metal Head

    Do more videos with cam!

  • シchxrry_.

    No one: Brandon cutting an orange: 😭😂

  • Sarah W
    Sarah W

    9:31 turn cc on 150% it lines up perfectly

  • Lonely_ Loser
    Lonely_ Loser

    His girlfriend walks in: “why do you guys have your shirts off and cutting oranges?” Brandon: “Male boyfriend male whisper close up kissing smooching”

  • Jen b
    Jen b

    Life is hilarious but the ace Mars a little creepy for me😂

  • Beanie Bean
    Beanie Bean

    The regret of watching this at 1:30 in the morning

  • Layla Hardee
    Layla Hardee


  • loser_ loves_idk
    loser_ loves_idk

    I tried my best to make this a try not to laugh.......I failed

  • Ilainna

    Guys I'm not joking I'm gonna pee my pants yall are so funnny, u made my day.

  • Dakota Acker
    Dakota Acker

    Please do the extended version 😂

  • Kareena Vitelle
    Kareena Vitelle

    Just a tip dont eat while watching this you will laugh and inhale your food 😂

  • Limes 123
    Limes 123

    I’m dying laughing and some of parts with your friend was awkward

  • It’s_nixiliah

    “You just had a long day Hu”?

    • Karin Goyette
      Karin Goyette

      I love Brandon’s reply, “You’re making it longer”

  • keʇʈle

    The guy above me said my name^

  • Azatllo9028

    The first asmr person is my sleep paralysis demon

  • Terryanne Bastow
    Terryanne Bastow

    The video they are reacting to makes me uncomfortable then you watch them and it’s all better!!!!

  • Hailey Smith
    Hailey Smith

    The way cam laugh tho lol

  • Jason Bailey
    Jason Bailey

    ME AND MY DAD ARE PLANNING A MURDER! If you want to know who we are going to kill it is the cringy guy.

  • Pien Miedema
    Pien Miedema

    Title of his vid: “im gonna make you VERY uncomfortable, ASMR”

  • Parker Johnson
    Parker Johnson

    They are actually living proof what happens when you find a genuine good friend

  • becky hardt
    becky hardt

    This was by far the funniest thing I have ever seen. In my life. You guys had me dying at the dinner table scene, cutting the cuties. OMG.

  • Melanie Mclaughlin
    Melanie Mclaughlin

    Bye bye scary dark time should be on a shirt

  • Natalie Bawden
    Natalie Bawden

    it is late and my fam is asleep and I am dying

  • Scarlette Bimbo
    Scarlette Bimbo


  • glz1000

    My favorite part was, We’d flush the couch fish but we can’t.. the toilet.... is clogged

  • Diablo The demon lord
    Diablo The demon lord

    Why boys dont watch man asmr

  • Angie Eversole
    Angie Eversole

    Omg I needed this funny so much. You two never disappoint. I wish I could send you a video of the over 3 minute ad that played after this. It was the song "I will always love you" with the creepiest ink drawings. I made a 30 sec 15 sec and 10 second video for proof. If the video and the 5th meal didn't already make me need therapy, the ad for sure sealed the deal. Thanks guys 🤣😂💜's and what not.

    • Angie Eversole
      Angie Eversole

      I need help someone get me an adult 🤣😂

  • Kenmwahベイブ

    I laughed so hard that I choked on my water and almost die

  • EmoQuack


  • Psy Kari
    Psy Kari

    Everytime he goes down from the camera it sounds like he's doin a line lmao

  • :D Charlotte
    :D Charlotte

    00:22 fun fact I just woke up and had my breakfast when I was watching this so no

  • Muk

    Please for the love of Jesus Christ do this again

  • Sus Sus
    Sus Sus

    My face hurts from laughing soooo funny

  • vee&eric lambert
    vee&eric lambert

    POV: you serched the vid after you watched this vid

  • steve kopp
    steve kopp

    8:56 imagine playing this to ur family when ur eating dinner

  • Reyad Rassam
    Reyad Rassam

    I almost intentionally broke my leg from the cringe