I Am Royalty Now!
Bow before me peasants..
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  • Ally Soot
    Ally Soot

    the realization that i have the same bat as Brandon

  • Alexander Likens
    Alexander Likens


  • caroline vinson
    caroline vinson

    ....... i was thinking of the number seven...... WIZARD

  • Breya Burgess
    Breya Burgess

    when my number was seven 😳

  • Makayla Murphy
    Makayla Murphy

    Brandon: is that the number you were thinking of? Me: i- yes, yes it is

  • •Akitave•

    Is crazy that my number was 7

  • Just a Random person
    Just a Random person

    Are you a fucking magician because the card he held up was my number

  • Julianna Lee
    Julianna Lee

    when you were actually thinking of the number 7: ~MaGiC~

  • Wolfy In Wonderland
    Wolfy In Wonderland

    Ummm I actually was thinking of the number 7....

  • Tanasia Robinson
    Tanasia Robinson

    "Sweet delicious eucalyptus crystals " ~Brandon 2021

  • Summer Clark
    Summer Clark

    that was the number i was thinking...

  • Melissa Thompson
    Melissa Thompson

    😞 your supposed to open all the parts of the mini brands. People love it. I know I do

  • Kxdaa

    when you realise that was actually the number you were thinking of... 8:34

  • drifta3345

    Omg I was thinking of seven

  • Phrog XD
    Phrog XD

    I have a store that’s named after me it’s call Ross

  • Joshua Cushing
    Joshua Cushing

    brandon: bow before me peasants I have water me: bows

  • Landon Caro
    Landon Caro

    ok but 7 was actually the number I was thinking of

  • Lisa Loucks
    Lisa Loucks

    I HADE 7 ??!!

  • angela penney
    angela penney

    Am I the only one that freaked out cause I had chosen number 7?😅😅

  • *.Pinky_minecraft.*


  • Lily Ervin
    Lily Ervin

    How did u know !?!?!?!!

  • iPyromantic

    The fact that Brandon hasn't watched G4 My Little Pony makes me sad.

  • Misty Myers
    Misty Myers

    Well phone number

  • Unknown user
    Unknown user

    It’s sad he said it’s from Poland but the makrel and Farris is from norway

  • Iasmine Bermudez
    Iasmine Bermudez

    I vote brandon farris for president 2024

  • Ella Bella
    Ella Bella

    Brandon: “This way up” (reads package) *looks up to double check” 😂

  • xxArtist_ Girlxx
    xxArtist_ Girlxx

    4 i picked

  • Haylah Perea
    Haylah Perea

    What the... not even joking I legit thought the number seven in my head when he said to think of a number and literally pulled out a card with the number 7!!!! 😂🤯

  • Whisper

    that was legit my number. i always pick 7 it’s my favourite number

  • Lizzy Hynes
    Lizzy Hynes

    That was the number I was thinking

  • Pascal Schunk
    Pascal Schunk

    You are not royalty, you are.........................I don’t know to be honest

  • Cami James
    Cami James

    Brandon: i smell like a pancake dinner! Also Brandon: Imma eat it, Imma eat it...I can't eat it 🥲

  • Lyla Schoenfeld
    Lyla Schoenfeld

    Mini big things are called lps

  • Linda

    Wait, why didn't you open the paste tube with the lid or does not every lid have a pokey thingy?

    • Linda

      I think I saw the pokey thing tho. I am genuinely confused

  • Rorie Edwards
    Rorie Edwards

    i was thinking of seven- i-

  • Sam Gallagher
    Sam Gallagher

    Yes 7was the number I was thinking of

  • Lisa Firman
    Lisa Firman

    I was actully thinking of 7 when he said that and what do you know a card with 7 on it

  • L.R.

    After watching this I'm concerned on how many children are watching you and sending you things. My god.

    • L.R.


  • L.R.

    Everyone the first 12 seconds 🤰🏿🤰🏾🤰🏽🤰🤰🏼🤰🏻🤱🏾

  • Mak's Vlog
    Mak's Vlog

    Brandon: I don’t like it.. Me: omg 😱 feels so bad for the person who sent it Not even 2 seconds later Brandon: I love it Me: again oh thank goodness 😅

  • Cosplays_and_me 44
    Cosplays_and_me 44

    Ok but like am I the only one who rewatched the glitter video cause he said 52 instead of 53 pounds🤔👹

  • 667 link
    667 link

    ngl, 7 was exactly the number i was thinking of

  • Cate Christopher
    Cate Christopher


  • YT H3IIZ
    YT H3IIZ

    ok ill open it violent ohhh its glitter

  • YT H3IIZ
    YT H3IIZ

    dear jesus that was the number i was thinking about

  • Its Me T
    Its Me T

    When your number was actually 7 👁👄👁

  • Nicole Ford
    Nicole Ford

    I think people are hinting with all the bath products. Lol. Smelly brandon farris??🤣🤣

  • Psycho_ Mycol
    Psycho_ Mycol

    8:15 these coins are Polish coins

  • CrimsyVR

    1:58 Yes. Yes it was...

  • Luca and dog s***t
    Luca and dog s***t

    Bruh how tf could u guess my number

  • ItsNoahJames

    Lol he actually got my card

  • Fuzz_45

    Brandon: pick a number Me: umm 7 Brandon again: that’s your number. Me: ok sure Brandon a couple minutes later: “pulls out 7 of hearts card” was this your number? Me: utterly shocked 😮

  • Mykah Johnson
    Mykah Johnson

    when he said pick a number 1-10 i said 7 and then a card with the number seven on it showed up...royale wizard

  • No Creature
    No Creature

    OMG DUDE THAT WAS MY NUMBER Lmao this shit is crazy get out of my head 😂

  • Soul Soto
    Soul Soto

    Brandon don't eat fish save the fish because the story behind fishing is just sad and horrible.People hunt whales and dolphins even the kids and pregnant ones and soon enough by 2050 our oceans will be clear of fish.nd without fish we won't live because the ocean takes up 85% of carbon dioxide so we would basically die with out them.Not to mention a century ago they could catch 1-2 tons of fish with ease but now days it takes years.Plus slavery happens on big company fishing boats and its horrible.You might think donating to charities is a good idea but don't because they don't do anything to help the oceans they barley help.Sharks would be going extinct soon not to mention all fish.All we can do to help is just not eat seafood anymore.The oceans are beautiful and the animals too so why hurt them and make them extinct?I know what your thinking that they do this with land animals too but thats wrong.Land animals aren't endangered at all and there no slavery or badness behind it.Help spread awareness of this so we could save the fish and sea animals.Also a lot of garbage and plastic goes in the ocean and get breaker up into mice plastics which small creatures eat and then fish start eating those small creatures then they have micro plastics in them which you then eat.PLus salmon is actually that orangey pink color their actually great but they dye them to look better.

  • Jocelyn Eagle
    Jocelyn Eagle

    "I'm so sorry, you must be new here!" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Evie Michalski
    Evie Michalski

    That poor cleaner...

  • caitlin cassidy
    caitlin cassidy

    Me actually picking 7🤪

  • Nicole Blair
    Nicole Blair

    wait... I was thinking 7... I am shooketh

  • Emily Germaine green
    Emily Germaine green

    No one : Brandon : *sees something that says “keep out of reach of children”* Brandon : *puts hand up so high god could’ve taken it* Me : LMAO 😂

  • Soren !
    Soren !

    "Pick a number between 1 and 10" me: 27, oh wait, I guess I'll go with 7 then. SHOOK

  • thedominicanratc0s

    “I never felt more accomplished for doing nothing!” That has lazy written all over it- but I, I get it-

  • Emmalyn Tracy
    Emmalyn Tracy

    My number actually being 7 😱

  • Alexis Dailey
    Alexis Dailey

    The way he slowly looks up at the camera sometimes makes me uncomfortable and die laughing every time.


    Nobody: Brandon: bow. Down to mew presents ME:(literally bows down) My brother:(I'm about to beat this bish up kinda face)

  • Lillie Miller
    Lillie Miller


  • Richard Grissom
    Richard Grissom

    Anybody else that was legit the number I was thinking of

  • Ghostjuarez6450

    @ 6:15 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jossara Makenna
    Jossara Makenna

    I was auctully thinking ov da number 7!

  • Brian Monette
    Brian Monette

    That was actually the number I was thinking of 7

  • Killua Zoldyck
    Killua Zoldyck

    Yeaaaah finaly someone from poland (pozdrawiam z Polski)

  • Hailey Jordan
    Hailey Jordan

    What is this toast video? I must watch it

  • OG WoWfiend
    OG WoWfiend

    Dude, I was impressively surprised when he showed the 7♤ card, the number I picked was 7 😂😂

  • Bj Crowell
    Bj Crowell

    oh I am so happy and excited to see you bak in form. yessssssssssssss, now my life is better lol.

  • Dino Saur
    Dino Saur

    𝙱𝚛𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚘𝚗: “𝚂𝚘𝚛𝚛𝚢, 𝚢𝚘𝚞’𝚛𝚎 𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚋𝚊𝚋𝚕𝚢 𝚗𝚎𝚠 𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎“ 𝙼𝚎: “𝙼𝚔 𝚜𝚞𝚛𝚎-“✌️🥲

  • A.J. Luttrell
    A.J. Luttrell

    3 is my number

  • Keira Martin
    Keira Martin


  • Odd.Fella

    Farris water is from Norway, and there's also a place called Farris, where the water source for that water is from. That tube of fish is also norwegian :) Maybe you're norwegian?

  • Lydia Benjamin
    Lydia Benjamin

    I have rewatched this video so many times and I still can’t see the bat down his pants, I’m so confused

    • Caitlin Fisher
      Caitlin Fisher

      0:10 Baseball bat btw not the mammal

  • Katie Palmer-Budd
    Katie Palmer-Budd

    I’m a Ravenclaw to branden ( I’m a potter head as well) lol 😂 hahahaha

  • Akayontitan

    Oh damn that was the number I was thinking of. That scared me lol

  • Zoë Bierema
    Zoë Bierema

    Bro that totally was the number I was thinking offfff, that was awesomeeeee

  • Charlotte Faulkes
    Charlotte Faulkes


  • Taytosdoingsomthing

    I've never laughed so hard in my life. Your vids are BRILLIANT, keep it up!

  • Jalynn Sims
    Jalynn Sims

    Your a wizard Farris

  • Sydney

    I couldn’t stop laughing when he said like a wipe some glitter off and said do you want some glitter The blue without the camera I just thought that was so funny

  • Tom Carey
    Tom Carey

    I’m. a Ravenclaw too imma smart girlllll ( on my stepdads acc)

  • Bradley Moore
    Bradley Moore

    I almost started freaking out when he pulled out that card, because I said the number I guessed out loud, and the number was 7

  • Avocado pandas #pandas
    Avocado pandas #pandas

    dude 7 was actually my number

  • Joseph Rosas
    Joseph Rosas

    I feel like brandon is going to die from eating soap, just saying.

  • Piper Scherer
    Piper Scherer


  • Gabrielle Reggio
    Gabrielle Reggio

    "not you the other peasants." The ones who send bugs, and glitter.

  • Simple Simply
    Simple Simply

    King Farris: ruler of practical joke glitter (and spiders)

  • pookie chip 420
    pookie chip 420

    Him: think of a number 1-10 Me: 7 Him: pulls out a #7 card Me: 😳🤭

  • Hamster care 101
    Hamster care 101

    I know who magpie Farris water Kelly

  • Renee cessna
    Renee cessna

    pov: my number was 7

  • Venice Weber
    Venice Weber

    I was thinking of 7

  • Weird person
    Weird person

    "your goingto get a front seat. Back here!*places water on shelf*"

  • Baylee Sereika
    Baylee Sereika


  • Marina Keyvellou
    Marina Keyvellou

    Can you please donate to JDRF next time?