Google Translate Paints A Bob Ross!
Yes that is a fire extinguisher..
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  • Creature

    I need to cleanup/gf comes home part of this video

  • Cᴀɴᴅʏ Aᴘᴘʟᴇ
    Cᴀɴᴅʏ Aᴘᴘʟᴇ

    “SHUT UP TRASH! im thinking” -Me: -*-Jeez i’m sorry...-*

  • n y a
    n y a

    7:16 if God was high while making the garden of eden

  • Anna Young
    Anna Young

    Here comes the happy little cloud-crazy person 2021

  • Grace Loves Alucard
    Grace Loves Alucard

    "hey Bob AHHHHHHH" best opening ever🤣

  • ••• ok
    ••• ok

    Idk what drug Bob is on but I want some..

  • arb Deal
    arb Deal

    When he does certain things I wonder what his girlfriend says when she walks in and sees him in things like her dress covered in paint.

  • Lauren Leong
    Lauren Leong

    Ok I think you won’t see this but you should make a singing video I saw on your newer vid that You were singing while taking a dump

  • JÆK

    Does your tattoo say "Dishwasher" ?

  • Jerkoff Joe
    Jerkoff Joe

    You're a family friendly ryan reynolds

  • AquiiWasTaken

    LubriKids.. watch this show.

  • Melissa Lacy
    Melissa Lacy

    I love when you play guitar!!

  • Skyler Budreau
    Skyler Budreau

    Google translate makes slime!

  • Kristen Milke
    Kristen Milke

    This is fricken hilarious!!

  • Abigail Miller
    Abigail Miller

    Brandon. Please have Google translate marry Kelly I think @QualityCheck had a great idea

  • The Fun Pig
    The Fun Pig

    RIP Bob

  • Iannah Jones
    Iannah Jones

    Good job on the car

  • Jazzy Fizzle
    Jazzy Fizzle

    I got my computer from my grandma😳

  • Parker Johnson
    Parker Johnson

    “I’m gonna assume we’re all a little depressed” -Brandon Farris 2021

  • I. Wont. Sleep.
    I. Wont. Sleep.

    Brandon: shut up trash I’m thinking! Me: dying my as on the chair* 🤣🦟🦟🦗🦗🦗🦗

  • greg eatzdurt
    greg eatzdurt

    anybody else notice how if you turn on captions while he’s playing the guitar it says “plays the most beautiful version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow 🌈 you have ever heard

  • Heyitsme 123
    Heyitsme 123

    That should be your google translate dress so every time you do a google translate video u wear the dress that’d be awesome

  • chizzle

    1:58 if you start here you need an explanation

  • Erin Crowe
    Erin Crowe

    I need more Bob Ross ran through google translate

  • Lonely _Shark
    Lonely _Shark

    0:02 That’s when you know you need a Exorcist-

  • Mariah B
    Mariah B

    I need Over the Rainbow in the full song!!!!❤

  • deku


  • CUl8r87 GREEN
    CUl8r87 GREEN

    google translate makes a real car

  • Damean Lyon
    Damean Lyon

    I’m related to bob ross😁😁

  • lemmy studios
    lemmy studios

    Wow! You are good at guitar

  • ꧁OᑎᒪIᑎᗴTᗩᗪᑭOᒪᗴ꧂

    Fun Fact: Bob Ross has a twitch

  • Jaelynn’s crochet
    Jaelynn’s crochet

    Google translate crochets!

  • Zoe Monell
    Zoe Monell

    Google translate should make pringles

  • christina roud house
    christina roud house

    Me:....... my wifi: not todsy!

  • Rᴏʙʟǫᴏx sᴜɴɴʏ
    Rᴏʙʟǫᴏx sᴜɴɴʏ

    Ur a tomboy??

  • EmoCupCake

    Brandon: *attacks Bob* Bob in heaven: Excuse me, sir?

  • Rachael Elliott
    Rachael Elliott

    Please turn on the closed captioning and watch again

  • Emmy Page
    Emmy Page

    Do life hacks🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • lisha s
    lisha s

    “Am I hardly hitting the bristles on the wall or am I HARDLY hitting the bristles on the wall...or am I *Hardly* hitting the bristles on the wall???”

  • Cheryll Gibson
    Cheryll Gibson

    It's water paint you need to add a little bit off water to the paint

  • Christa Horton
    Christa Horton

    I've been known to be able to stay outside.....for.. minutes at a time. Without needing immediate medical help😂😂🤣💀 Bummer stick it! Lol

  • #Sammie# Anime & Noodle Legeand
    #Sammie# Anime & Noodle Legeand

    r we just going to ignor the fact that he exeles at guitar

  • Toxic_deadshot3 PS4God
    Toxic_deadshot3 PS4God

    whoever dis likes his video doesn't know what comedy is

  • Kali

    Your videos always make me smile! Thanks for the laughs Brandon💖

  • Russell Marsh
    Russell Marsh

    Holy Crap. I thought you were having a seizure at first.

  • payton fitting
    payton fitting

    brrrrhhhhhhhh his yell said frjsdngf vwrbfhrhbvjhfbv bob you mind telling me lmaoooo

  • Kaitlyn Gray
    Kaitlyn Gray

    Brandon: whoever says money doesn’t grow on trees knows how trees work Me: but money is paper and paper comes from tree

  • Laney Noir
    Laney Noir

    Cash... Named Johnny ... Johnny Cash....

  • mr_ek28

    At 3:16 u say cash then you call it Johnny. U should have just said Johnny Cash lol

    • L K
      L K

      My dog is named cash and she's so sweet 🥰

  • Cameron Johnson
    Cameron Johnson

    It’s like it’s telling you how to make a drawing a three year old made

    • L K
      L K


  • Kristy M
    Kristy M

    Jokes on you, I'm a squirrel but I'm NOT using a computer

  • MarnZzZz

    I like how brandon keeps taking random stuff that isnt his and then either acting like nothing or being the one that is asking questions

  • Ebony Orzegowski
    Ebony Orzegowski

    I dare you to shave your beard

  • Nicole Shows
    Nicole Shows

    Video idea! Google translate makes candy (not sure how chaotic it will be, hopefully very)

  • Mexicán

    **draws green rectangle** Smart scientist: thats cash.

  • Marissa Crabtree
    Marissa Crabtree

    The googly eyes on fridge tho

  • Marissa Crabtree
    Marissa Crabtree

    So when he does a Google translate how does this work does he put in what Bob Ross says and then translate it to a different language and then translate it back?

    • Freedom Anderson
      Freedom Anderson

      Yes, he does the same for recipes.

  • Samantha Renova
    Samantha Renova

    2:15:Google Translate: He Will Pirify The Water And Make It Water

  • Scar Ran
    Scar Ran


  • MitsueOokami

    ok but can we talk about my overwhelming need for a full version of that song pls, it's so gooood

  • Taela Thomas
    Taela Thomas

    Omg Google translate should do you girlfriends makeup!!!!!

  • The935panguin No last name
    The935panguin No last name


  • Sans OfficialYT
    Sans OfficialYT

    Shut up trash im thinking

  • Madalynn Paradis
    Madalynn Paradis

    You should do a reaction to Asmr on camera

  • Emma Felton
    Emma Felton

    Not even five seconds in and I've already fallen out of my chair from laughing too hard

  • gmm freak
    gmm freak

    Luberkidsss watch this show

  • Kevin Van Sickle
    Kevin Van Sickle

    Google translates: oil change.

  • Owlover003

    “Shake off the barrage of corruption and luxury of the devil” well google translate has some THINGS TO SAY huh

  • Anna Mbene
    Anna Mbene

    Let’s just talk about the guitar skills

  • Kayley Playz
    Kayley Playz

    We cant leave him alone for 7 minutes because he will... 1.Burn down the house 2.Burn down the house 3.Burn down the house

  • Tyrannic Lime
    Tyrannic Lime

    Sometimes I forget he’s just *casually* musically talented. Like he’ll joke about music and then captivate my ears as part of a gag

  • Speedy

    Dein Bart muss weg !

  • Maureen U
    Maureen U

    Please post a link to your girlfriend's channel. I managed to catch her video of her dyeing your hair purple.😀 But a damn call came in on my phone interrupting the end and I didn't get chance to subscribe.🙁

  • Anthony Coffey
    Anthony Coffey

    As fragile as brandon seems, id like to see him get his tattoo

  • no

    now we needa see him follow the original tutorial

  • Æthelflæd, Lady of the Mercians
    Æthelflæd, Lady of the Mercians

    Brandon carried a bit of 2020, but let him carry all of 2021.

  • Landon Johnston
    Landon Johnston

    Do google translate cleans my house


    7:07 did you need to open a window?

  • Emily Martin
    Emily Martin

    "Lubrikiiids watch this show.."

  • Adam Mcmullin
    Adam Mcmullin

    Google translate how to make a diy video.

  • Bill Cipher
    Bill Cipher

    How can you be covered in paint and still look attractive?

  • Llama Mama
    Llama Mama

    My face hurts from laughing so much 🤣

  • Scape 55
    Scape 55

    Did you just pull out an Ernie Ball Majesty, as in one of the guitars in the John Petrucci signature line, for your cheerful song? I see you are a man of culture as well.

  • Eleyp fr
    Eleyp fr

    Fun fact : the pink color can be used as a anti depressor and a calmant

  • Maddy Malfoy
    Maddy Malfoy

    Sometimes I forget he has a kid

  • Zerocide

    Yo brandon I could use a guitarist hmu

  • Odd Eyes94
    Odd Eyes94

    *Google translate explains 2020.* Also, why do you look like you stepped out of a 70s era hippy convent in that dress? 🤨

  • OglopFabool

    You’re thumbnail has yaoi hands omg

  • Wendy H
    Wendy H

    I truly...truly...just...😑...😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jasper Rosa
    Jasper Rosa

    Spoken like a true 2 blue finger dude

  • The Shy Guy
    The Shy Guy

    Can i buy this Masterpiece?

  • Mary _Primrose
    Mary _Primrose

    3:58 🙋

  • Schug

    My girlfriend and I recently started watching your videos, found this video today and the title turned her into Little John for a moment "What.... OK... YEAAAHHH!!!!"

  • Opal Kenison
    Opal Kenison

    Imagine if the person aka Kelly that lady sees your vids and goes “what a weirdo” lol

  • Kellee Jackson
    Kellee Jackson

    Is it just me or does he look like a ginger eleven with a beard

  • yosh

    use fire extinguishing paint near the stove

  • Hannah Regnier
    Hannah Regnier

    You should google translate an elementary kids school lesson.

  • Bella Garrison
    Bella Garrison

    U litgit torture yourself for content lol

  • Bella Garrison
    Bella Garrison

    Next video should be a bunch of random cooking with google translate

  • R K J S
    R K J S

    Turn on subtitles, Go to 5:39. You’re welcome