My rittle man..
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    A cat named Zelda a dog named link and. A daughter named autumn... AWW MAN GANONDORF WOULD A BEEN A COOL NAME or Midna... Love your family and little autumn is so freaking cute

  • TheAmazingfulOne

    My cat responds to her name but also to Chicken Nugget and Chicken and Chicken Baby and Pillow

  • lori nester
    lori nester

    Him:she dosent even know her name is zellda, for all she knows is that she's eEeEeEe Me:so if I say eEeEeEe she will come to me?.. Well I won't find out unless I try! 👁👄👁 👉👈

  • Ella Stokes
    Ella Stokes

    Me just laughing my butt of at this video 😂😂🤣

  • tammy novicki
    tammy novicki

    Hahah my two cats are named link and zelda

  • Because bugangy
    Because bugangy

    My dogs name is link but he also responds to sh** head and so do I soo It gets confusing

  • Azul M
    Azul M

    “Come to think about it all three of them bite feet” uhhh even the 7 year old??.....ok...

  • Ebony Orzegowski
    Ebony Orzegowski

    I dare you to shave your beard

  • Alyssa Rayburn
    Alyssa Rayburn

    Oh my gosh I love your pets names

  • Snail

    for the kissie sounds just go "mpmpmpmp" and for the cat "keeeeeee"

  • do STUFF
    do STUFF

    911 help I am die ing help

  • StaticWolfie

    i will take it......back to its owner honestly though same 😂

  • Andrei Morari
    Andrei Morari


  • Memeshake 1221
    Memeshake 1221

    Lol m’y dogs name is Zelda

  • Gracie Van Hook
    Gracie Van Hook

    “Keeeeeeeeet” omfg dead 💀

  • Adam_0

    I think I'm at the wrong daily dose of internet...

  • Robert Walsh
    Robert Walsh

    Same my cat ran away and my mom put it on Facebook and said hose by fatty his name is princess

  • Snicker Studios :D
    Snicker Studios :D

    You are not a Brandon Farris fan if you don’t know he has a Prius XD

  • BubleeSnowflake

    You should go on america’s got talent 😂

  • Elaina Daniel
    Elaina Daniel

    You’re eyes are so nice. I’m in love with eyes, y’all. It’s a problem. It’s try e first thing I compliment people on.

  • ThatOneSpnFan

    Missing: dog Name: link Responds to: rinky burburs, my rittle man, lsinersrerersrerersrser Also missing: cat Name: Zelda Responds to: keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, keeeeee



  • Taya Perkins
    Taya Perkins


  • Coco Nut
    Coco Nut

    For the e's you just have to put the math repeating sign over it

  • Joy Ornelas
    Joy Ornelas

    He needs to just put a link to this video on the flier if Link goes missing so that on the flier Brandon doesn't have to explain/write what to call Link. Lol that does not make sense even to me.

  • Deck Plaz
    Deck Plaz

    Ok I will wmwmwmmmmmmmmnmmmmmwm

  • raindrop sue
    raindrop sue

    Can you start filming everyday

    • Trent Miller
      Trent Miller

      He has been, that's actually the reason he took a break it was tiring him out

  • Mal Waite
    Mal Waite

    I've been lowkey worried about Brandon- hope you're alright, my dude

    • Mal Waite
      Mal Waite

      @Trent Miller I'm aware, he just kinda looks low-key sad Like he's not enjoying it as much anymore Idk tho- I just hope he's doing alright

    • Trent Miller
      Trent Miller

      You know that he's been uploading for a while now... Right?

  • Katsuki Bakugou
    Katsuki Bakugou


  • Chris Allott
    Chris Allott

    i have subtitles on and it said Rika Bites for the dogs name XDDD

  • Evan Kendall
    Evan Kendall

    Bruh my dogs name is link 😂

  • Liv S
    Liv S

    *I have annotated what he said and have put it into word, ( literally just used closed captioning)*

  • Ijahnae Giddings
    Ijahnae Giddings

    I saw that muscle in the first few minutes brandon

  • Night Mare
    Night Mare

    "All 3 of em bite feet" scuse me Brandon? 🤣

  • KaliKat

    If my dog ever went missing it would have been like "Lost dog Levi answers to Bubbers, Fuffer baby, Levymonster, and HEY!" But whenever she ran away she just laid down in a neighbour's yard like "haha I'm so close but so far away"

  • Wyatt Powers
    Wyatt Powers

    Lay off the makeup

  • Matthew Chaidez
    Matthew Chaidez

    Owowowowo my real man that is the response

  • Mikah Evans
    Mikah Evans

    His cats name is eEeEeEeEeEeEe

  • Caleb Spence
    Caleb Spence

    Lilly is my puppy’s name all I call her is fatface or chunkchunk

  • Camila Marie
    Camila Marie

    Hi Brandon! Can you please play more scary games. 😱 But sense there is alot of them, I suggest looking up "scary games", closing your eyes and clicking on one. Please play more scary games!🤗

  • Gracie Enger
    Gracie Enger

    My cat thinks her name is poopsy

  • Haaven Rentfro
    Haaven Rentfro

    "For all she knows her name is keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet" -Brandon 2020

  • Annie !!
    Annie !!


  • Dom Doyle
    Dom Doyle

    "I will take it.. ..To its owner."

  • MidnightSky #6909
    MidnightSky #6909

    I got rika bites for what he calls link. Weird.

  • Designer Division
    Designer Division

    2:09 my little brinklybinglybeanshbshsjdhdnd

  • Audie's Cozy Corner
    Audie's Cozy Corner

    rsbsbkdb is what u would call Link on the paper XD


    My dogs name is Hiro but I call him Hiwoo and my moms dog is Blaze but we call him Boo Boo, Blazey, or Bwady

  • • Chocolate_ Milk•
    • Chocolate_ Milk•

    Why is this so true with me to my mom and our pets to us when brandon says "wherever my foot is she is also there,going down the stairs she is too" 🤣

  • Sam Rayne
    Sam Rayne

    I hope he is okay. Maybe he is just spending the holidays with his family guys

  • Bertdaphlin FBI agent
    Bertdaphlin FBI agent

    I had my sub titles on, and at 2:06, it came out as rika bites. So I hope that help you😂

  • Victoria Caddy
    Victoria Caddy

    I named my dog Abby almost 2 years ago and never called her that. We usually call her Abigail so last week at the vet we changed her name

  • -XxTurkey_ llamaxX-
    -XxTurkey_ llamaxX-

    Lost cat (Picture of my cat) Responds to SHIT ARSE COM HERE

  • The . Girls
    The . Girls

    ‘Come to think about it all three of them bite feet’

  • Nicole Hood
    Nicole Hood

    I love watching Brandon talk about his kids, it’s so wholesome 🥰

  • Jordan Mills
    Jordan Mills

    Is anyone gonna talk about “all three of them bite feet”? Three? THREE??? AUTUMN BITES FEET?? 🤣

  • Trinatte Seymour
    Trinatte Seymour

    I love how he calls Autumn his daughter ☺️

  • Fun 4Life
    Fun 4Life


  • Sammy Claus
    Sammy Claus

    She’s a feet -Brandon Farris 2020

  • **VIOLET ICE**
    **VIOLET ICE**

    He always makes me laugh no matter what I’ve watched this so many times

  • Lashin Leaf
    Lashin Leaf

    My aunt had a chihuahua named Little Man.... so um. And she also has a dog named B Dog. They fit the dogs personality perfectly. Rip Little Man

  • Cady

    Guys idk why you don't understand that he can take time off work and not have to post every day. That means he is constantly working every day to film and then edit. It's okay that he doesn't post every day. Let home take time off

  • Wolfania

    My cat responded to “cat”....

  • Kelly McCracken
    Kelly McCracken

    What us his merch site? Im finding things from multiple sites even amazon?

    • Kelly McCracken
      Kelly McCracken

      Thank you. It took me asking my son where. He said "it's right there! It's blue!" Lol sorry my boomer is showing.

    • Licia Young
      Licia Young

      @Kelly McCracken i did

    • Kelly McCracken
      Kelly McCracken

      Maybe I do not know how to use this right. But I cant find a link. Is there anyway you could post the link to me? I would really appreciate it!

    • Licia Young
      Licia Young

      He has it attached to his channel, there’s a store button too.

    • Licia Young
      Licia Young

      ImBrandonFarris.shop (everything else with his artwork is counterfeit)

  • Naruto -kun
    Naruto -kun

    Idk why she wouldn't go with Ganondorf for your daughter's name.

  • Amie King
    Amie King

    Ok I heard "When MY DAUGHTER goes to school..." Am I just losing it or what...

  • Aliyah Nicole
    Aliyah Nicole

    so was he just chillin and then came to this realization-

  • Maddie Rayne
    Maddie Rayne

    Best ted talk ever.

  • Edge Lord
    Edge Lord

    "She has no idea her name's Zelda. For all she knows, her name's 𝚐 𝚑 𝚎 𝚎 𝚎 𝚎 𝚎"

  • Im Sus
    Im Sus

    Come on Gloria, why'd you say no to Ganendorf

  • Xitlaly Dorantes
    Xitlaly Dorantes

    it’s ok brandon,my dad has been calling me changa for all my life and i still use my name

  • Micayla Snyder
    Micayla Snyder

    I call my cat Eeeeeeee too! His name is Itachi.

  • Meghan Fridley
    Meghan Fridley

    2:05, Brandon: my little my little ribkababyocaluu TRANSLATE THAT Me: *turns on captions* Captions: Rika Bites

  • Shyann Gabriel
    Shyann Gabriel

    2:06 he say my little rika bites becuse of subcap

  • Village Gamer64
    Village Gamer64

    My dog knows his name and all his nicknames like bugs, boogie, boogie bear, boogaloo, bubs, baby, beeb, buggie bear, ect His real name is Bandit. He also knows it's treat time when I ask him, "Do you want the Santa plate?!?"

  • cannibalbananas

    My dog's name is Rascal. I call him Rasc, Rascal Pascal, pup, pupper, puppy, etc. My cat's name is Cedar. I call him Ced (seed) or Ced-lit. (seedlit). My daughter's name is Raven. I call her Roo, Roop, Roops, Rooples, Ray, and Rupert. Over the years I have called her Vinaroonie, Roonie, Ray Ray, Rumpelstiltskin, Rachel (when she won't pay attention), Rudels (for when she's rude), and Rebecca (also, for when she's ignoring me.)

  • malory's power
    malory's power

    ....my dog's name is Beretta and ebony.......I call Beretta, sweet pea, child, baby, thing, flea, jelly bean, puppers and dogo.....ebony I call thing 2, little puppers, ebay (don't even ask lol) and problem pup-

  • MN Webb
    MN Webb

    My roommate had a kitten that we had to actually had to stop baby-naming because she started thinking her name was itty bitty.

  • Aleida Ackerman
    Aleida Ackerman

    “Come to think of it all three of them bite feet.” Might want to put that on the missing posters: Missing: Dog, Cat? And Child Names: wittle ch-ahoaodhpwlqiahfbei, KeeeeEEEEEEeEEee and Sparkle Princess Breeds: Yorkie, Dog and human WARNING: all three will bite feet.

  • Samantha Coleman
    Samantha Coleman

    this is gold lmao

  • Leah Vandenburg
    Leah Vandenburg

    Why is this so funny 😂

  • Emelia Snodgrass
    Emelia Snodgrass

    Guysssss I have worm emojiiii ahhhhh🪱🪱🪱🪱🪱🪱🪱🪱

  • AM-FoundedMe

    E E E E E

  • Ed’s mock’s and reviews
    Ed’s mock’s and reviews

    I want to name my first born, Ganandorf.

  • Dave Davies
    Dave Davies

    The title I have to stop baby talking my pets Me:same

  • R K J S
    R K J S

    Brandon: “My daughter” Me: *lays down on the floor, Cries*

  • Ember Rain
    Ember Rain

    Brandon needs a court stenographer to make his Missing Dog flyer for Link.

  • iceland

    You gonna get that👁👄👁?

  • Name Deleted
    Name Deleted

    Soooo... No ones gonna talk about the view at his window??? I thought he was flying


    Im laughing so hard my sides hurt

  • Isabella Cc
    Isabella Cc

    ...you ok ?

  • Bree_Bree_Bear

    My cat usually comes when I say, Acey tststst. His name is ace. Sometimes he comes when I say ace but...

  • Sarah Phoenix
    Sarah Phoenix

    Come to think of it all three of them bite feet...... oh my goodness, I died. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Cara Talley
    Cara Talley

    My tortie cat used to respond to the word puppy. You could say Here puppy and she'd come. Now she responds to pookie or her real name and sometimes "hey you, with the fur" or dodo. I call her dodo when she is being ridiculous. Like wanting to stay outside in the rain instead of coming in.

  • JUICE Slithery
    JUICE Slithery

    We need a skin routine dude your skin isn’t glowing it’s shining

  • MikeyDL Studios
    MikeyDL Studios

    I feel like the real reason he made this video is because he lost one of his pets and he wants UZload to annotate the names in the subtitles so that he can make a poster.

  • Artsypup Youngcreativity
    Artsypup Youngcreativity


  • [herbal tea]
    [herbal tea]

    “Kiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiieeeeee” -Brandon Farris 2020

  • Pierce Don'tperceiveme
    Pierce Don'tperceiveme


  • Karen Howard
    Karen Howard

    Srry didn't mean to do that but my dogs name is Luna she will not reason with me Luna she reasons to beeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaannnnnnnn