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  • Unicorn Paintings
    Unicorn Paintings

    The thumbnail though 😂😂

  • Cosmic Nova
    Cosmic Nova


  • SwampTøes

    0:33 he ran like his life depended on it LMFAO 👁️👄👁️ ✨ ✨💖 💖 💖

  • Adrienne Jimenez
    Adrienne Jimenez

    " tHeY cAlL mE cHaLk DuSt " LMAOAHAHAH

  • gamerboy 75
    gamerboy 75

    The way you just put the toilet plunger on my face

  • 10 minutes crafts
    10 minutes crafts

    4:02 look at the girls face in the background

  • Kermit plays
    Kermit plays

    in 1:40 you sound like kermit the frog

  • Sabrina Stevig
    Sabrina Stevig


  • Brad Hall
    Brad Hall

    39-41 hey Kevin help

  • cara kenny
    cara kenny

    my ocd says no

  • Kken Ken
    Kken Ken

    brandon:hey big boy 😏 kelly:👀 --- brandon:mah Pickle

  • Riot_Deluxe

    His poor room lmao 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  • M00N_L!GHT Stars!
    M00N_L!GHT Stars!

    The kitchen is dead because of this and no the room Rip kitchen and room

  • UwU

    Brandon thinks he’s so brave huh? 0:38

  • Jacob Neely
    Jacob Neely

    Bro, why does the people in the 5 minute craft video sound so fake

  • Rafael and Karine Dossantos
    Rafael and Karine Dossantos

    Fix that YEEET

  • Ashleigh woods
    Ashleigh woods

    Hey Big boy eeeeaeaeae😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🔪💙


    Do i even have to explain 1:44

  • BananaCake_Gaming

    When he said don't breathe I was like I can't anyway I am laughing to hard🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Just A Random Lizard
    Just A Random Lizard

    I died when he pulled out the baby powder.

  • Cᴀɴᴅʏ Aᴘᴘʟᴇ
    Cᴀɴᴅʏ Aᴘᴘʟᴇ

    *That awkward moment when a toilet plunger gets stuck to youre desk..*

  • Ereeny Keryakous
    Ereeny Keryakous

    Steven! british accent: sTeHvAn

  • -*naruto _ lover*-
    -*naruto _ lover*-

    Normal people's favorite word: food Brandon's favorite word: kEvIn and sTiVeN

  • Plushie Adventures Studios
    Plushie Adventures Studios

    3:44 this is my favourite part out of all the things I’ve seen


    3:02 😳

  • Enrique Medina
    Enrique Medina

    And thats how he died :,(

  • Hi

    I’m D.E.A.D

  • Pumpkin Qween
    Pumpkin Qween

    When the plunger got on the camera I kept thinking that it would be funny if just the “you died” was on there

  • Kaia Knapp
    Kaia Knapp

    I wish he posted more 😔

  • TTv_FaZe shift Dead zone
    TTv_FaZe shift Dead zone

    I literally just said this video is so funny that it's not real but it is

  • braelyn korona
    braelyn korona

    Brandon, you crack me up the way that your soooo funny!!!! Make more vids pls!

  • Lavander Pocky
    Lavander Pocky


  • Dragonic Sky Studios
    Dragonic Sky Studios

    0:35 - 0:45 got me good xD I couldn’t stop replaying it and laughing harder then the first time

  • Katie Blalack
    Katie Blalack

    3:24 me and my friend laugh about this ALL THE TIME

  • Jalyn Reynolds
    Jalyn Reynolds

    How too clean your house Step 1: Yell at the top of your lungs "KEVIN!!!!!!" Now Your House Is Clean

  • maclarenn91

    this is so funny i could not stop lapping

  • Th3F0n12 _
    Th3F0n12 _

    This guy is cringe alot of fake laughs

  • skytechgaming

    3:45 they call me chalk dust

  • Mariam Adel
    Mariam Adel

    Did this man actually pee himself-



  • Kuba Osika
    Kuba Osika


  • Matthew Behrle
    Matthew Behrle

    I know I’m not the only one who instantly noticed the Boss Katana amp under his desk at 1:05 , nice little surprise to see that if I do say so myself

  • FoxySan Baka
    FoxySan Baka

    I am laughing harder than I ever did 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 lungs going to explode😂🤣

  • BLF Firezombie 5150
    BLF Firezombie 5150



    Im dying

  • ryanuhric28

    Gloria walks home and he looks like a piece of chalk

  • ryanuhric28

    when he said:oh you passed out:mean while we are still there watching his AMAZING vids and we are awake


    "they call me chalk dust"

  • Desiree Popovitz
    Desiree Popovitz

    I would absolutely hate to clean all of this

  • Sydney Paulick
    Sydney Paulick

    The toilet water tho. That got me cracking up! Lol

  • vintasaru

    i think brandon forgot that he isn't a toilet

  • Enid Animates
    Enid Animates

    ‘Ah... made it worse.’ Me whenever I try to help: _I Agree with Him_ Edit: How many people do you have to start cleaning your room?

  • Tricia Tortoso
    Tricia Tortoso

    The toilet plunger on his stomach and his face is just making my day

  • Milliy The Pink Devil
    Milliy The Pink Devil

    " now wait for possibly affection on my lips"

  • Alondra Cruz
    Alondra Cruz

    Brandon when im in a bad mood i just come and watch ur vids and u brigthnen my day

  • Christine

    Who knew Brandon makes three million dollars a day

  • stormy playz
    stormy playz

    how to get pink eye. first you take a plunger and stick it near your eyes and pull and wait for any sign of infections.

  • Mr Doge
    Mr Doge

    Man, i hate it when my bf hammers a nail into a piece of wood which isn't connecting anything together at all right next to me when im on the phone.... (sigh)😢😢😢😢😢

  • stormy playz
    stormy playz

    brandon:uh don't panic and uh don't breathe either" got me laughing.

  • Dermatillomaniac

    Anyone else get five-fingered man vibes after he was covered in powder?!

  • Stem

    I bet your not watching this in full screen

  • Abi Baker
    Abi Baker

    omg you are so funny! light up my day!

  • GachaCommunityStudio

    "AH- oO chile- ow."

  • Dorito B*tch
    Dorito B*tch

    Do you have a cleaner? If so do you get questions about what happened? If not then do you clean if?

  • Alli Jay
    Alli Jay

    I am crying in laughter

  • Cardine Sardine
    Cardine Sardine

    Guy : leaves To go to the bathroom Girl : 👁 👄 👁 ... i ShOuLd ToUcH uP mY MaKeUp

  • Asia Lynn
    Asia Lynn


  • Asia Lynn
    Asia Lynn

    0:15 "COOOOOL it Kevin" 😂

  • Lou-Lou Martin
    Lou-Lou Martin

    😂😂😂 I love the guys, he’s so funny! Oh my life 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • egg boi
    egg boi

    People this person has gone thru the most pain Me an intellectual: Brandon Farrises room.

  • Rat Mcgee
    Rat Mcgee

    ㄒ卄乇ㄚ 匚卂ㄥㄥ 爪乇 匚卄卂ㄥҜ ᗪㄩ丂ㄒ

  • James Chrystal
    James Chrystal


  • Darlene McNamara
    Darlene McNamara

    The weak crawdad unfortunately grease because blizzard semiannually remove modulo a panicky zephyr. superficial, feeble feigned kevin

  • Steven Schweiss
    Steven Schweiss

    for the first one, walk away.

  • Makayla Sanchez
    Makayla Sanchez

    tHeY cAlL Me ChAlK DuSt lol

  • Hogwartsgacha

    Brandon: All I want for Christmas is you bro MASSIVE AMOUNT OF BABY POWDER: my time to shine

  • Hogwartsgacha

    Brandon*does something wrong* CEVIN STEVEN

  • tj fitchett
    tj fitchett

    So you know how someone got 60$ worth of pizza today right???...and you had all that money in your shirt right????.....what happen to the when the pizza got there

  • skytechgaming

    bruh you sliced his friggin pickle WHY

  • liz dark
    liz dark

    Now theres a reason hes my fav youtuber

  • Ben Woodley
    Ben Woodley

    “Smell this” “Oh I smell this!”

  • PurpleMystery

    3:02 The noises he makes getting up “Ow. Child” 🥲👌

  • PurpleMystery

    Brandon: “mY pIcKlE” Brandon: “Ok. It’s getting old. I just want my pickle” Never would have said it better

  • Husky kindacat
    Husky kindacat

    One of these days he’s gonna cause permanent damage I just know it

  • Mr Doge
    Mr Doge

    Get that wait

  • panther cap
    panther cap

    3:43 the way he carries in the fan is hilarious

  • Kalaya Jones
    Kalaya Jones

    Cool it Kevin

  • illumi zoldyck
    illumi zoldyck

    I love it here

  • Youna Kharka
    Youna Kharka

    The plunger 😭🤣😂🤦‍♀️

  • Galaxy Cookie E&A
    Galaxy Cookie E&A

    Brandon coughing* It’s toilet water I just made it worse Smell this! Oh, I smell it..... In disgusted😂

  • Wrestle maniac
    Wrestle maniac

    0:46, Better get the Febreze

  • Carolyn Elsner
    Carolyn Elsner

    Judge: How did this man die Detective: Well we found him on the ground with a plunger to the face. It looks like he was watching five minute craft videos Judge: 😐...

  • Asome Zelda
    Asome Zelda

    love how he just full sends the hack of baby powder for the photography hack at 3:33. Honestly love all the hack videos he does cuz he just sends her good

  • •Kawaii_Caret• Yt
    •Kawaii_Caret• Yt

    Imagine if 123go actually made a video for “explosive diarrhea” do you think he would watch it?

  • Sophie E
    Sophie E

    Brandon needs a plastic desk covering for legit every time he films

  • Katie Bruening
    Katie Bruening

    You always make my day better when it’s so bad

  • Lizzie curson
    Lizzie curson

    Give your cleaner a raise after all that baby powder

  • Pyro

    i dont have anywhere else to put this link so:

  • Emil Hedberg
    Emil Hedberg

    1:45 Fucking looney tunes?!🤣

  • Laura Jenkins
    Laura Jenkins Come solo una parte del quadro generale, chiari segni della vittoria dell'istituzionalizzazione ci chiamano a nuove conquiste, che, a loro volta, devono essere sottoposte a tutta una serie di studi indipendenti! Il compito dell'organizzazione, in particolare la struttura esistente dell'organizzazione, e perfetto per l'attuazione delle direzioni di sviluppo progressivo!Nel loro impegno per migliorare la qualita della vita, dimenticano che lo sviluppo socio-economico e un interessante esperimento per testare nuovi principi per la formazione di una base materiale, tecnica e personale. Ognuno di noi capisce la cosa ovvia: la convinzione di alcuni avversari ci impone di analizzare l'andamento della comunita professionale.😍 Conclusoes banais, mas irrefutaveis, assim como muitas personalidades famosas, estao ganhando popularidade entre certos segmentos da populacao, o que significa que devem ser declaradas violando as normas universais de etica e moralidade. E bom, cidadaos, ver como a pesquisa moderna, replicada de fontes estrangeiras, pode ser responsabilizada.