I Have A Surprise For You!
www.imbrandonfarris.com for the new merch! I'm really excited for you to see it!

  • Heidi Konopasek
    Heidi Konopasek

    Happy 🎂 birthday

  • Julie C
    Julie C

    Hallelujah the beard is normal again! 😍😍

  • *.Pinky_minecraft.*


  • Zola McGraw
    Zola McGraw

    $ 1000.99

  • BK McKee
    BK McKee

    I would love the BFF in a tank top!



  • Sonja Hesse
    Sonja Hesse

    Love the new merch! Just ordered a couple t-shirts!!

  • Arlene O'Doherty
    Arlene O'Doherty

    Hey Brandon 👋

  • Jennifer

    Love your humbleness, Brandon. You deserve all of the happiness coming to you now after all of the hardship. Congrats on the new merc and your success. 🥰

  • Ben Russell
    Ben Russell

    Dam I’m too late to the party but good video. :)

  • Ruth Smith
    Ruth Smith

    I love it

  • Ruth Smith
    Ruth Smith


  • Dusty Heilman
    Dusty Heilman

    Love the beard trimmed... makes you look younger

  • Brianna Rasmussen
    Brianna Rasmussen

    hiiiiiiii how are you

  • Brianna Rasmussen
    Brianna Rasmussen


  • Brianna Rasmussen
    Brianna Rasmussen


  • Zenia the Veteran
    Zenia the Veteran

    I've always wanted to get started on running my own at home business and creating my own channel. I am so grateful for being so generous all the time, you are amazing :)

  • Liz Amant
    Liz Amant

    There's a few that I want!!! What about leggings? Whoo

  • Amanda Hurley
    Amanda Hurley

    I wish you had kid sizes :(

  • Samantha Young
    Samantha Young

    I love you, so funny

  • mrs. karl jacobs
    mrs. karl jacobs

    can we have a face revel pls? i think everyone can relate

  • sarah lorentz
    sarah lorentz

    The comments were at 666 so now they are at 667 :)

  • Moonlight _Julie
    Moonlight _Julie


  • mamarissa

    Yours is the only merch I wish I could buy but unfortunately, I can't afford it. 😭

  • Do anything With daisy
    Do anything With daisy

    Hiiiiiiii you are my favourite UZloadr

  • David Asquith
    David Asquith

    Do you plan on putting your profile picture on merch (i dont know to word it)

  • angelfromhellshawna

    Is it bad that when Brandon was talking about giving his heart...I cried...sheeeesh I'm too sensitive these days!! lol I LOVE the merch!! Gotta get me a BFF hoodie...hell a tshirt too!!!!! LOVE ya Brandon!!

  • Laura Coupe
    Laura Coupe

    WHY DID IT TAKE HIM SAYING I'M BRANDON FARRIS DOT COM FOR ME TO REALIZE THE I WASNT A LOWERCASE L! I thought Brandon was his second name and he had some secret first name for the longest time! 😂😂😂

  • weeb man
    weeb man

    Ive been going through a rough time health wise past year and a half before the pandemic and your videos have put so many smiles on my face and positivity to look forward to. Thanks for all you do. :-)

  • Christine Beck
    Christine Beck

    Wholesome content 💜 you always make me laugh and your videos helped me smile during a really rough time in my life. I'm so glad you've succeeded and I love the new merch! Keep being you!

  • Amanda Clark
    Amanda Clark


  • Halle Hughes
    Halle Hughes

    omg hi! i love ur vids!like not watching them when i can;)

  • Debbie Weir
    Debbie Weir

    Much better! Now we can see your handsome face!!

  • Dawn Valentine
    Dawn Valentine

    So much better!!!!! Love the trimmed and groomed appearance! ❤️❤️

  • Jodee P.
    Jodee P.

    You made it!!!

  • Stevie lee
    Stevie lee

    Merch looks amazing

  • Kiera Doss
    Kiera Doss

    I have noticed something from your other live not this pone the one before you are wearing the same thing

  • Mya Williams
    Mya Williams

    sorry im late on this one happy birthday for tuesday!!! LMFAO xoxoxo Honestly Brandon you make me loud sometimes when i go on my phone during the night secretly i watch your videos and haft to try not to laugh i fail miserably : )

  • Madelyn Hines
    Madelyn Hines


  • Breanna Bube
    Breanna Bube

    It's amazing 🤩 so proud of you looks fantastic ❤️💜❤️💜

  • Britian

    Loving the new merch!! Can't wait to get my mask and my phone case!! ❤❤ My son and I have missed you and so happy you have so many amazing things going on! Can't wait to see it all!

  • Bryaunna Hays
    Bryaunna Hays


  • Eva manahan
    Eva manahan

    lol your beard looks fine i love you man you really are the shinning light in my days i have a good laugh , still theturky rap gets me everytime i would wear your name proudly man your just that amazing and desereve to be recognized for your heart you put into everything

  • Koreesa Looney
    Koreesa Looney


  • Rowie Heath
    Rowie Heath

    Wish I could of bought more merch. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Liz Chapman
    Liz Chapman

    Are we going to get an unboxing video when you get the merch?

  • Myanna Fussell
    Myanna Fussell

    HII I love your channel

  • Mel Snows
    Mel Snows

    Is he just going to keep posting lives?

  • Beautiful Disaster
    Beautiful Disaster

    I’ve been watching you for years now.... ❤️

  • Beautiful Disaster
    Beautiful Disaster

    I suffer from depression and I watch you honestly some days all day long you bring such joy and happiness to my life you are a genuine honest warm hearted person and I wish I could meet you in person.... I missed this Live stream but I’m watching it right now and I just want to say that I do not know you personally but I am so proud of you I myself was homeless living in my car and on a park bench (when I was 18)so to see someone overcome things and flourish as much as you have brings happiness to my heart and my soul.

  • Tiffany Pereira
    Tiffany Pereira

    I love you

  • Imapotato ._.
    Imapotato ._.

    You look younger

  • Elaina Castillo
    Elaina Castillo


  • Lisa Cobb
    Lisa Cobb

    Love the new beard look. So nice and clean. Bet it feels great. Haven’t gotten a hair cut in over a year. Driving me crazy. Also my mother got me a jear desus shirt for xmas. Love it.

  • Nicole Reinke
    Nicole Reinke

    Where's ur beard brandon

  • GraysonGoal

    My sister sent me one of your videos right after my ex-husband and I split up in fall of 2019. I was really struggling and every time I was ready to be done crying or just needed to laugh, I put on another video. When the pandemic started, I absolutely put on your videos all day while I was working from home so that it felt like I wasn't alone. You've done so much to help me, especially as a good example of masculinity. Thank you

  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith

    I’ve always loved you 🥰 You’ve always put your heart into your page, I could see it. The way you responded and followed lots of your fans on insta (including me) I’m just as grateful for you Brandon, we all love you so much 🥺😍

  • BowPlayz

    Nobody: Me: I watch the hole vid but I can’t watch a normal yt vid

  • Kristi Andrychowicz
    Kristi Andrychowicz

    Ah, I was excited for the merch and then to hear the reasoning and message, no delay, sweatshirt ordered! Love it and you so much Brandon! We are so thankful for you ❤

  • Talen M
    Talen M

    Someone said they had school during spring break so umm what grade would they have to be in ?

  • JJ Carlson
    JJ Carlson

    So wish I could but I haven't worked for this last year but love your heart signature, it's beautiful.

  • Jacquie B. Butler
    Jacquie B. Butler

    More. Horror games please

  • Aubrey Parks
    Aubrey Parks

    Will you check out a book on amazon called scars by Lucas parks

  • Pacman Siontte
    Pacman Siontte

    The merch should be Kelly saying jear desus.

  • 夢ハッピーbob


  • Ok Lisa
    Ok Lisa

    Hi I’m jade I just wanted to let u know u brighten up my day every time u post LOL

  • michelle benson
    michelle benson

    Hey Brandon

  • nishinoya yuu
    nishinoya yuu

    missed it

  • hxney_bear

    What’s the website called for your merch??

  • Chadelynn Evans
    Chadelynn Evans

    I am so sad I can't buy the merch I really want to😭 I love you alot lol u always are my distraction from my day, always cheer me up. Everyday is a struggle but your videos help me❤

  • Layla Ny
    Layla Ny

    hi brandon, you make my day when im sad your videos make my smile one second im crying and the next im laughing because of you you make my day and make me smile i really love your videos hope you notice this

  • Just SayWhen
    Just SayWhen

    *if* i ever got pinned by Brandon Ferris i would cry real tears man

  • Cookie_ Sweet
    Cookie_ Sweet

    Happy birthday

  • Rrr Rafters
    Rrr Rafters

    Nooo I missed it

  • ktraci johnston
    ktraci johnston

    tell Kelly I said "hi"

  • •blink•

    Why do you only post when I'm not subscribed??? 👁️👄👁️

  • Michelle Henderson
    Michelle Henderson

    I have bi polar depression and when I feel the depression start I make sure I watch your videos to help me stay happy. Your humor is my type of humor and I laugh out loud every time I watch you! 52 years old and I Thank you so much for making me laugh!

  • Kylie Woodfield
    Kylie Woodfield

    The fact you plugged Chiodos, wow. The high-school emo in me just came to life.

  • Katelynn Zeinert
    Katelynn Zeinert


  • K S
    K S

    Love the glitch, signature, sneak peek beard... A beanie would be awesome. Can't wait for your one liners to get on your merch line. Thanks for all the happy tears and laughs! Thanksgiving stockings! Again with the pants 👖...always bringing smiles. THANK YOU!!

  • Candice Praim
    Candice Praim

    Happy birthday

  • Jessi Kelly
    Jessi Kelly

    Happy birthday 🥳

  • Ashley Mcbride
    Ashley Mcbride


  • Ashley Mcbride
    Ashley Mcbride

    This is so funny

  • Aidanawesome8

    Darned I missed it

  • Icedcxffee G
    Icedcxffee G

    Dat profile do be FINEE BOII 👍😬👍

  • Hana Dragneel
    Hana Dragneel

    Happy Birthday? Today is my birthday, we're both Aries'!

  • Aubrie Williams
    Aubrie Williams

    I got your bff merch!!!

  • TiggTigg B
    TiggTigg B

    Love love love!!! The pink Glitch is great and the signature mask is awesome Thank you for making bigger sizes toooooo My son is 6'7" 275 You can't find much Especially youtube merch He'll be excited 😆♥️

  • elizabeth quraishi
    elizabeth quraishi

    I love the merch!! Great designs

  • Mama

    the great merch purch

  • Jessica Barroso
    Jessica Barroso


  • Jessica Barroso
    Jessica Barroso


  • Jessica Barroso
    Jessica Barroso

    Hi Brandon!

  • Jessica Barroso
    Jessica Barroso

    Please like my comment!

  • Charley Astin
    Charley Astin

    NOOOOOOOOOO not the beard!

  • Happy Sunflower
    Happy Sunflower

    I wasn't able to watch it and dont have the time anyone wanns recap it for me? What was it about?

  • Jax Stormo
    Jax Stormo

    That will be AWESOME !!!!!!! I seriously was just wanting your advice for me, I want to begin my channel but not before i know all i can!!! thanks cant wait

  • Jax Stormo
    Jax Stormo

    Youre Adorable! Gloria said it first, I just agree lol

  • Jax Stormo
    Jax Stormo

    So Glad to see yo Face again!! hugs'