Google Translate Builds A Dog House
Who let me use power tools..
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  • Suleyman Gumus
    Suleyman Gumus

    I wonder when she will realise when she forgot her phone her . I should call her

  • cryptonite

    long story short my father is a carpenter and he might as well jump off a bridge watching this

  • Sleepy Stitch
    Sleepy Stitch

    I’m laughing out loud past 1am, whoops lol

  • Just Some BananaDuck With Internet Access
    Just Some BananaDuck With Internet Access

    I have the same vacuum as him and don't know what to do with this information...

  • Cooper Matthews
    Cooper Matthews


  • Bella&Leo

    Gloria: he had to pee! Brandon: ohhh He HaS a BaThRoOm

  • Bella&Leo

    "Just like the shiver me timbers boards?" "HAAAH dhid yhou hear me?!" "Huh"

  • Caleb Howard
    Caleb Howard

    Salty safely lol

  • James Kilgore
    James Kilgore

    This guy should be a youtuber

  • Elliott Rose
    Elliott Rose

    Hmmm I think running the instuctsions for makeing a doll house though Google translate would be amazing I was slightly disappointed cos I Herd doll house when you said dog house lol

  • Marina Leventis
    Marina Leventis

    8:42 Brandon: your not subscribed. Me:yeah i am

  • The Fun Pig
    The Fun Pig

    Writing up all those jokes in a little book at night

  • Sheryl Rooney
    Sheryl Rooney

    Your right I don't hear success I'm deff

  • feitans umbrella
    feitans umbrella

    "No, this is Patrick" 🙂🤌

  • Little Red
    Little Red

    I accidentally unsubscribed and right after he asked me to subscribe omg😂

  • Shooketh felix
    Shooketh felix

    Its amzing how he understands what google transalate is saying-+

  • Woomy master
    Woomy master

    8:40 th- the garage door is still open

  • Ethan Anderson
    Ethan Anderson

    Google translate how to make a youtube video

  • rosalie hi
    rosalie hi

    Who is that?

  • Allie Hermosillo
    Allie Hermosillo

    I’m new and so far I love Brandon Farris . But who is the girl in the video with him? She’s also in the one with him holding a spider 🕷

  • Sally Alford
    Sally Alford

    “Nothing a handsaw can’t cut.” Only digs an inch through the board.🤣🤣🤣

  • WarOfTheRose7 :3
    WarOfTheRose7 :3

    I wanna see him dye his hair PINK U^U

  • SRybly Tots
    SRybly Tots

    You should make a visit to colorado, between 5p and 5a mst and visit cc. Teller county. If you walk into the best casino you're in the wrong place, however I work in the best place because obviously people are STUPID. Really want to meet you in person.

  • Chloe Han
    Chloe Han

    What does his cat look like

  • Samantha T
    Samantha T

    He made one of the scooter things from pe class that you would always run your fingers over with.

  • draco's soulmate
    draco's soulmate

    "Maybe it can be a side piece. NOPE...thats how we got in this wives situation in the first place!" LMFAO!

  • Heather Chandler
    Heather Chandler

    The sheer depression in his voice when he says “i d r o p p e d m y w e i n e r” makes me so sad

  • that gay cosplayer
    that gay cosplayer

    the only video we dontbhear kelly

  • Emi Wolfkin
    Emi Wolfkin

    "call me daddy" *Silence* "I mean say uncle!"

  • Red brush Road
    Red brush Road I don’t remember the video but here’s the link for the book art thing where you fold the pages and it’s 3D art. He mentioned this in a unboxing video and said he wanted to try it so, I got one (a video) for him. This video contains some ideas and how to do it if someone can click on it, copy the link and put it in the video he mentioned it in then that would be great.

  • Jax Stormo
    Jax Stormo

    MY Dowwnword dog will be damp if it drizzzlesss hahaha

  • Jax Stormo
    Jax Stormo

    #ThatsHowYouGetWifeNumber9 hahahah

  • Jax Stormo
    Jax Stormo


  • Jax Stormo
    Jax Stormo

    AM I the only one who has to watch his vidoes literally more than once because i am crying laughing and miss sooooomuch!!

  • Shaun Buffin
    Shaun Buffin

    This cringe me out I thought you where gonna hurt yourself

  • Kaito Momota - The Ultimate Astronaut!
    Kaito Momota - The Ultimate Astronaut!

    I thought it said “google translate makes a dog”

  • hayleigh r
    hayleigh r

    The screw gun 😂

  • Luluguacamole

    He should get a reward. 1: the comedian of the year 2: for destroying their house the most amount of times for videos 3: Never clickbaiting😂😂

  • Siena Contessa
    Siena Contessa

    You could of gotton my dad to do it🤣

  • Anthea CoolWolfie
    Anthea CoolWolfie

    Why Bruce lee

  • Salem

    365 dislikes- a years worth of people have no sense of humour

  • Alexander Likens
    Alexander Likens

    Proof he reads these before hand, I saw his sister giving him 5he get a big money sign

    • Alexander Likens
      Alexander Likens


  • Lu L
    Lu L

    Video starts, I go down to the comments, i go up to the video again, i look at the hair, I say in the comments: Nice Hair.

  • Imani Ivey
    Imani Ivey

    This reminds me of when Ethan became a man. If you know, you know.

  • Christy Carroll
    Christy Carroll


  • Snicker Studios :D
    Snicker Studios :D

    5:04 you sound like my dog XD

  • Abby Howell
    Abby Howell

    I am often surprised at how not dead he is after these

  • Hannah Reams Savhannah_tgr
    Hannah Reams Savhannah_tgr

    Is nobody gonna talk about 6:22 so nice

  • Gabriella Reyes
    Gabriella Reyes

    the hot dog on his ear tho 😂😂😂😂 o(*°▽°*)o

  • Koen Driedger
    Koen Driedger

    translate google good inglish

  • Candy**Crush

    "That's how you poop on the go, I just stuck my knee in a weiner."

  • tayla-lilly moran
    tayla-lilly moran

    How I it legal for him to be so funny

  • Reeehab

    after this he is negative 9000 lvl in carpentry

  • glitch _mask
    glitch _mask

    Lol I made a better table at 12 no offense

  • Toni Brentson
    Toni Brentson

    That girl listens to girl in red i think

  • Britty Vegas
    Britty Vegas

    Lmfao i cracked up the entire time but the "staking out the trees" part 😂😂😂😂

  • Ebony Orzegowski
    Ebony Orzegowski

    I dare you to shave your beard

  • Nicole Shows
    Nicole Shows

    Google translate makes a chair!

  • cytus noob
    cytus noob

    Thats some fine wood right there 0:30

  • Marissa Crabtree
    Marissa Crabtree

    Can that be mercy? Get a big money. Id love that sign.

  • Andra Gariepy
    Andra Gariepy

    44444444 and 2

  • Sunflowerx

    I wanna see him play Roblox piggy

  • Josh Reddersen
    Josh Reddersen

    wood hemorrhoid = tear out

  • Rose Kings
    Rose Kings

    I like how the pencil behind his ear changes 😂

  • Kevin Ritchie
    Kevin Ritchie

    I seen their video with the tarantula on fb and someone said they were a cute couple😂 I was like bruh thats his sister😂🤣

  • Shyann Vanhoose
    Shyann Vanhoose

    Brandon I dknt think you know this hut I watch you when I'm really sad and when I really happy but that doesn't matter hut back to the point I watch you when I'm said and today I cried because someone I was friends with for 2 years left my life for ko reason right after j tried to do something really bad to myself and I just want to let you know that you made me laugh and made me feel happy again thank you so much and hope you know you help people

  • oh the life
    oh the life

    and that is a mom joke :0

  • Luna Universe
    Luna Universe

    7:24 "and thats how you poop on the go! I just stuck my knee in a wenner" lmao🤣

  • kasper Kristensen
    kasper Kristensen

    do you not like your dog

  • thatoneguy95 sky
    thatoneguy95 sky

    i did not know you had a dog

  • Kman da spicy boi
    Kman da spicy boi

    Did anyone else cringe when he started sawing in the middle rather than on the end?😂

  • Shaun Kennedy
    Shaun Kennedy

    What happens when you order Ryan remolds from wish

  • Shaun Kennedy
    Shaun Kennedy

    The nipples and himroids are called grain tear out, and a circular saw would of been best

  • Mike Ashley
    Mike Ashley

    Who is she

  • Jonas Magnus
    Jonas Magnus

    Matthew 7:12 - give back that which they give to you unto your neighbour

  • Michelle De La Cruz
    Michelle De La Cruz

    Why did it look like he was floating when he got and sat on that chair?!

  • Brooklyn Exline
    Brooklyn Exline

    Anyone see the keeeet in the back near the end of the vod

  • Gächà Røsé
    Gächà Røsé

    If my kid doesn't turn out like this I don't want them..

  • Ordell Stokes
    Ordell Stokes

    You should have used the jean tool pocket you made in the five minute crafts video

  • Cookie GIRL
    Cookie GIRL

    wait a minute the video that you where watching did it say "shave your arms off"?

  • Rani Bermudo
    Rani Bermudo

    For almost a year... I didn't see the "keeeeet" near the car...

  • Stefana Plays
    Stefana Plays

    Him: i wonder when shes gonna realize she left her phone here Also him: i should call her Me: 👁👄👁 Also me: I THOUGHT U JUST SAID SHE LEFT HER PHONE HOW CAN U FRICKING CALL HERRRR

    • bad cake
      bad cake

      Shut the fuck up gachalife kid

  • Mocha Madness
    Mocha Madness

    Me being a 13 year old who's be a carpenter I get to cringe especially when the drill method doesn't work

  • shephen shumway
    shephen shumway

    you parked on the lawn at the end :(

  • Sara Moha-
    Sara Moha-

    You made it waaaayyy more complicated than it already is 😂😂😂 Btw love the purple hair and you should do a video of you dyeing your hair !

  • Agatha Schneida
    Agatha Schneida

    your poor ear....

  • Mintyx Cookies
    Mintyx Cookies

    For some weird reason I don’t really trust you xD

  • Mimi

    his dog is the next one to save zelda

  • Soviet Sasquatch
    Soviet Sasquatch

    Is that a ford I see, nice choice

  • Mediocre Beans
    Mediocre Beans

    I have that same pogo stick

  • Taylor brown
    Taylor brown

    I wanna we the...

  • Michael Garrett
    Michael Garrett

    I believe the blade on the hand saw is for metal not wood, but I could be wrong.

  • T S
    T S

    i remember the video where brandon got the pogostick

  • CaptainYOLO151

    Brandon's dad jokes are the best

  • Dizzaray

    the smudge on the LENS BRANDON THE SMUDGE

  • Decrepit_Rabbit


  • Claire Roberts
    Claire Roberts

    why did you die you hair :(

  • Ellie Clem
    Ellie Clem

    Jesus Christ loves everyone unconditionally including you and everyone else too💕❤️🥰✝️✝️✝️

  • SGT

    “Wife number fsfffsfseven”

  • David Evans
    David Evans

    Brandon were can I get your merch?