This Game Isn't Even Scary!
Tell that to Kelly's face..
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  • Spiders Are People Too
    Spiders Are People Too

    You should try Knock Knock. That's a unique horror game, and I can't even play it. XD

  • Sophie the pup
    Sophie the pup

    21:59 one sec off of being 22:00 it cringes me

  • Adelina Hernandez
    Adelina Hernandez

    Brandon playing a jump scare game trying to be focused Brandon : ohh. A Mouse 7:30

  • Harold Smith
    Harold Smith

    Him and the lunch club are the only youtubers I can actually stand

  • Lemon_bear UwU
    Lemon_bear UwU

    The first scare i bit straight through my top lip how delightful

    • Spiders Are People Too
      Spiders Are People Too


  • we are Anonymous
    we are Anonymous

    "aW mY mEoAsE

  • Olivia Sylvain
    Olivia Sylvain

    What game is that

    • Spiders Are People Too
      Spiders Are People Too

      Eyes: Scary Thriller - Creepy Horror Gane

  • Strawberry And Peaches
    Strawberry And Peaches

    Was it just me or did these jump scares get y’all to?😂😂

  • Callum Marshall
    Callum Marshall

    The feeling of laughter and being scared is the best

  • Summer Mutzelburg
    Summer Mutzelburg

    Did anyone else see the door open by it self? Or is that meant to happen?

  • Modest Pug Gaming
    Modest Pug Gaming

    I remember playing this on my ipod touch

  • Isabella Vaught
    Isabella Vaught

    Also I like Brandon's reactions to every Time a game ends and he has to watch an ad.

  • Isabella Vaught
    Isabella Vaught

    I like how Brandon names his video " this game isn't even scary!" And then he throws his phone across the room.

  • bee weeb
    bee weeb

    “Oh your comeing upstairs …oh I’m right there”

  • Hamood Habibi
    Hamood Habibi


  • Kerry Lee
    Kerry Lee

    Just me or do the adds seem violent because you know it sounds like Guns!😖😣

  • Fairy Duckling
    Fairy Duckling

    I remember playing this game in middle school and not knowing how it worked in the slightest, so I got jump scared like every 2 minutes

  • Bonk

    “Im not afraid of her its just” “AHHHHHHHHHH”

  • the brown haired gurly
    the brown haired gurly

    Brandon: they call me money bags, i donno why. Brandon, ten minutes later: they call me money bucketsss

  • Aubrey Teeters
    Aubrey Teeters


  • Marry Wanna
    Marry Wanna

    What is this game called🙂

    • Spiders Are People Too
      Spiders Are People Too

      Eyes: Scary Thriller - Creepy Horror Game

  • Jamie Piers
    Jamie Piers

    I yeeted my phone continuosly n my cousins been laughing at me ever since

  • Carter Brown
    Carter Brown

    I might be stupid but who is Kelly to Brandon?

  • Playground Swings
    Playground Swings

    I choked on my Coca Cola at those jumpscares

  • Tamara Walker
    Tamara Walker

    7:29 is by far my favorite part of the video xDD

  • Erin Hudgins
    Erin Hudgins

    i love you but a flash warning would do some wonders for epileptics like me

  • Kat Miller
    Kat Miller

    My fav parts are when he was jamming to the abc’s and when he’s pretending to be drunk and talking to a picture. 😂

  • Ami The Weeb
    Ami The Weeb

    Kelly has a whole in her mouth I didn’t think that would ever be possible 👁👄👁

  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person

    "The bell does not dismiss you I do" Gets flashbacks


    When he acted drunk his voice sounded like Captain Jack’s Sparrow from the live action Pirates of the Caribbean

  • Micnelle

    5:49 LOL

  • Gab And Stac
    Gab And Stac

    The ad breaks😹😭😭😭😭😭

  • xNightMare꧁꧂ Realmx
    xNightMare꧁꧂ Realmx

    Brandon i have a game suggestion fore you :) you should try the game called AYUWOKI its a scary Michael jackson game and u have to whisper or he will hear you and yeah plz plz plz play that game.

  • Joey Purger
    Joey Purger

    Random fun fact: ever time he threw something at Kelly she never broke or had a scratch like she’s untouchable or something🤷🏾‍♂️🤯

  • Caroline Norris
    Caroline Norris

    “ I’m not afraid of her” Two seconds later “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”

  • Beth McInally
    Beth McInally

    I need to see you play little nightmares!

  • Wayne Kiehl
    Wayne Kiehl

    I've been jump scared like 10000000000 time lol

  • Christine Stearns
    Christine Stearns

    Brandon: this game is not even scary! Brandon at 5:23: screams and throws phone across the room

  • ꧁Yn꧂

    “You are dismissed when I say your are dismissed the bell dose not dismiss you I do!” Literally my civics teacher!

  • Elfxiia

    Oh the basement sounds fine- ÆUUUUËÊH

  • Mukuro Ikusaba
    Mukuro Ikusaba

    Brandon: this game isn’t even scary me: Haha funny now play Untill Dawn Rush of Blood in VR I swear it will scare you!

  • Ashley Williams
    Ashley Williams

    I love when has to watch the adds he is just annoyed it just makes it more funny😂😂

  • Jessica Solomon
    Jessica Solomon

    I'm tired of Reginald too! Also, not me telling you about the eye thingys like you can hear me.

  • Audrey Lewis
    Audrey Lewis

    I’ve been watching this several times a day everyday 😂

  • Senaida Castaneda
    Senaida Castaneda

    5:22 Even his scream is in a gentle tone. I can't XD

  • the girl that’s obsessed with dream smp
    the girl that’s obsessed with dream smp

    brandon: The basement sounds fine also brandon: *throws phone up in the air*

  • Joaquin Cordbruning
    Joaquin Cordbruning

    this video is uloaded on my birthday and there 690000 views lol

  • gracieeelg ASMR
    gracieeelg ASMR

    Omg your videos make me laugh soooo much

  • gracieeelg ASMR
    gracieeelg ASMR

    I hate it when the teacher says “the bell does not dismiss you, i do” Oooooooh my gosh why the hell would you have the damn bell then!

  • Stacey Akel
    Stacey Akel


  • Amber Murdoch
    Amber Murdoch

    U should play the evil nun plssssssssssss it’s very fun and play it on ghost mode or u will die in 2 seconds

  • Felicity Britten
    Felicity Britten

    You should play roblox

  • Zowey MacDonlad-Dickson
    Zowey MacDonlad-Dickson

    And money yah

  • Grott

    5:20 the basement seems fine.. 0HHHAHHHHFBGFDHGFYXHGD

  • ItsYoGirlAyz


  • 1-800- Moe-Wide
    1-800- Moe-Wide

    "the mouse leads to prosperity"-Brandon Farris 2021

  • Sarah Jenkins
    Sarah Jenkins

    I don’t know how many times I have watched this video

  • Liv T
    Liv T

    oh its a hole DiD i Do ThAt

  • Emily-C

    God this game! So many memories

  • Lindsey Waidelich
    Lindsey Waidelich

    Needed an Epilepsy warning

  • Holly B
    Holly B

    Title:this game isn't even scary Me:jumps every time I saw the weird thing downstairs or the dog jumps at him* Also me:how dare you lie to me brandon

  • hxney_bee

    My rove XD

  • Alyssa Singleton
    Alyssa Singleton

    Omg the title said that (THIS GAME IS NOT EVEN SCARY) well its scary and even Brandon was scared😂😓

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi

    My dude is signed in as Krustyscrabburger 💀

  • Marely Mendoza
    Marely Mendoza

    When the message came up i thought it was mine and i like "my rove whos that?” and continues to search my whole phone to see who it was plz I’m so slow💀💀💀

  • Layni Hernandez
    Layni Hernandez

    “Stahp breehthing soh hheavy nhows nhot thah time”

  • Serenity Harmon(ST)
    Serenity Harmon(ST)

    I love this channel I'm so glad my cousins introduced me to this I laughed so hard

  • Lillie Gramm
    Lillie Gramm

    I can’t get over how in his “ collage” of hitting Kelly he screamed “TOMATO” and throws a tomato at her face 😂🤧

  • Rice Bun
    Rice Bun

    The material mailbox fascinatingly strip because croissant trivially command by a serious face. ludicrous, purring traffic

  • Algers Smith
    Algers Smith


    • Algers Smith
      Algers Smith


  • Mz Znipes
    Mz Znipes

    Brandon: This Game Isn't Even Scary Also Brandon: 5:23 Not even one minute later: 5:51

  • Whats-My-Fandom

    21:11 LMFAO

  • Himiko Toga
    Himiko Toga

    11:07 uh... your latest video is about you spending 60$ on pizza...🤔😂😳

  • no one important
    no one important

    Bro where did kelly come from? who is she>

  • Promise Buyatt
    Promise Buyatt

    I loved it when you trough your phone !!!! 😂😍

  • Gabe Gaggero
    Gabe Gaggero

    Brandon:”what the heck is that” Game:”RUN!” Brandon:”Ok Running”

  • Buggy 99
    Buggy 99

    I've never thrown my phone as much as I've done during this episode...omg

  • Ross Kids
    Ross Kids

    1:50 Neighbors mommy:Hide the kids!

    • Ross Kids
      Ross Kids

      Hide them🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Machine of war
    Machine of war

    I think i got P.T.S.D. from those ads

  • Emily M
    Emily M

    Good lord I had to stop after 9 minutes

  • feitans umbrella
    feitans umbrella

    I keep getting scared but I love the video🥲

  • Shadow Nights
    Shadow Nights

    U should play the twins or the child of slendrina

  • Lauren Dersch
    Lauren Dersch

    What game is this

    • Spiders Are People Too
      Spiders Are People Too

      Eyes: Scary Thriller - Creepy Horror Game

  • Sophie E
    Sophie E

    I’m pretty sure I jumped more that Brandon did

  • Amanda scheibl
    Amanda scheibl


  • Brittney Herrington
    Brittney Herrington

    The company that makes those canvas' should sponsor you because they way you are always smacking kelly around is proving the quality of those canvas'. lol

  • Itz_ HarleyGamez
    Itz_ HarleyGamez

    Does ANYONE notice how a sign in a the background says “Jear Desus” 😭

  • Emma Eclipse
    Emma Eclipse

    “I’m faster then you!” Two seconds later: “oh he’s not even here 😔”

  • Imbrandonfarris Second channel
    Imbrandonfarris Second channel

    I like how Brandon asked if I was hungry and I was lol

  • Caylee Bish
    Caylee Bish

    I didn’t get scared what do you mean

  • •Banana San•
    •Banana San•

    Whenever he had and had an ad came on the vid😭😭

  • Ashley Griffin
    Ashley Griffin

    Can someone tell me what he is playing???

    • Spiders Are People Too
      Spiders Are People Too

      Eyes: Scary Thriller - Creepy Horror Game

  • ROAR

    People don’t know that when this game first came out, the ghost was a curvy full-bodied spirit lady, then she got nothing but a head 😝

  • Samantha Barnett
    Samantha Barnett

    lol this is so funny

  • roseantiquus

    I thought someone messaged me and I was like ‘who the hell is that?!’


    We need a part 2

  • Maddie Roseth
    Maddie Roseth

    I thought the text was for me....and my dumbass clicked on it 😃

  • ¡Kagami Animations!
    ¡Kagami Animations!

    “There is a wild dog runnin around” *Nods aggressively* “yes he does bite”

  • Layla Logan
    Layla Logan

    Me when I first started watching: oh Kelly must be like an ex wife or something Me now: uhhhh no

    • Spiders Are People Too
      Spiders Are People Too

      Same. I thought Kelly was his wife. 🤦

  • kiersten x
    kiersten x

    the way his sign in for apple is “krustyscrabburger” 😭