I Got Stink Bombed!
It smells like a poor decision won the lottery..
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  • Cameryn Marshburn
    Cameryn Marshburn

    “Did I say thank you? I’m sorry-.”

  • Cameryn Marshburn
    Cameryn Marshburn

    “It smells like the one singular fart that created the universe.”- Brandon Farris 2021

  • Tatum O'Toole
    Tatum O'Toole

    “Thank you for all the packing peanuts... little nostril Rockets”🤣

  • leogrismau

    una taza

  • Anonymous_ Gemini
    Anonymous_ Gemini

    Imagine walking into the room after

  • Universal Falls
    Universal Falls


  • jos halbstadt
    jos halbstadt

    Just noticed you are wearing a norma jean shirt. One legendary band. Who else do you listen too?

  • Patrīcija A.
    Patrīcija A.

    I love how in his house randomly is 18 candles and like 20 those little things what he put it on fan. xd.

  • Lyla Cherry
    Lyla Cherry


  • Edward Wynn
    Edward Wynn

    😂😂😂 a baby diaper would be a bad opening wouldn't it....????

  • Rosalyne Bethel
    Rosalyne Bethel

    It stinks

  • Chris Glover
    Chris Glover

    i love how he went back in to knock down kelly lmao

  • Licia Young
    Licia Young

    I mean... a shirt with "you fit the smell in here" on it... could be good for almost everyone at some point in their life... Merry Christmas.

  • Ries Family
    Ries Family

    Nobody: Brandon gags after one spray Continuous to spray more

  • Johannamariacarey74 Carey
    Johannamariacarey74 Carey


  • Lori Zacharias
    Lori Zacharias

    Haha! Reminds me how stinky it is when my dog farts.😷

  • Maggie Salzman
    Maggie Salzman

    I have not watched a single one of his videos without laughing about 100 times!

  • etil77

    Who has 20 candles plus 20 car air fresheners

  • etil77

    "It smells like a skunk but with feet" Brandon Farris 2021

  • etil77

    I love how he comes back in and knocks Kelly over 1:10

  • Amanda Lewis
    Amanda Lewis

    I just said to my friend to see your vids hopefully she subs.

  • Winifred Moore
    Winifred Moore

    “What are these, reusable staws? Can I ram them up my nose?” Lmaoooooooo, yes you can.

  • Annelise DeLaurentos
    Annelise DeLaurentos

    The night of the living smell

  • Lilly Spiva
    Lilly Spiva

    1:09 why Spray it on your self

  • Overfailed

    I just want you to remember, he opened Surströming in his car. When he says, it's the worst smell he ever smelled, he KNOWS what he is talking about!

  • Gloria

    L m a o the whole video

  • Talmadge Holderfield
    Talmadge Holderfield


  • Tiffany Lash
    Tiffany Lash

    omg norma jean was my great grandmas name love it i miss her to :(

  • Nalani.So.Flawless

    u dont know how many times i laughed at this vid . love the content , never stop posting

  • Marjorie Santiago
    Marjorie Santiago

    the freberese lol

  • Dom Doyle
    Dom Doyle

    Brandon is the only person that would make a frubreez suit. And half of the stuff he does.

  • Dom Doyle
    Dom Doyle

    No one Brandon drop kicking something before running out of the room

  • picknbeansmamma

    "Sugared Berries? It smells like dingle-berries in here.", Omg...you sprayed sooo much of it!! "And then a skunk... just pooped in your mouth." 🤣 "I'm gonna go take a nap, involuntarily."

  • preppyxdawnn

    brandon: * sprays entire bottle * also brandon: dies of smell 👀👀

  • Teresa Bradshaw
    Teresa Bradshaw

    he sed its like a pore desesen won the lotery

  • CYBY

    6:32 lol

  • queen,of, Cheese,bridge
    queen,of, Cheese,bridge

    His channel is the definition of what everyone has done in quarantine (edit I laughed so hard I can’t see nor breath

  • Giuseppe La Mattina
    Giuseppe La Mattina

    Imagine theres a Camera in the Unicorn

  • valzbefound

    how many times have kelly almost met jesus

  • CabooseCubsFan 1744
    CabooseCubsFan 1744

    “Now I can start to describe how it tastes” lol


    Brandon putting sparys on him My sister looks at me She say don't even think about it I say I was just looking at it I wasn't going to do it 2 mins later I did it

  • Weeb23 Anime
    Weeb23 Anime

    Why does he have so may candles

  • Mewclipse

    "Ugh, That smells like the one singular fart that created the universe." - *Brandon Farris 5th of March 2021*

  • Tropical Harley
    Tropical Harley

    The best youtuber to ever exist change my mind

  • Caitlín Goff
    Caitlín Goff

    Ok well haha you got stinking


    when brandon said dynamite it reminded me of fix it felix from the wreck it ralph movie

  • udhaya kumar
    udhaya kumar

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  • Quake 85
    Quake 85

    You have a pumpkin in the toilet

  • Wendy Seidel
    Wendy Seidel

    The spray stuff wasn’t the worst thing you’ve smelled in your life that was sharestrumming

  • Im Bob
    Im Bob

    I can’t believe he sprayed liquid crap on himself xD

  • Jas Jas
    Jas Jas


  • Carma Zehr
    Carma Zehr

    I have a charity for you. Tribulation and trust ministry and the lighthouse center in Washington Iowa. They are a homeless shelter trying to buy a new building. They do soo much more than just that but have a need for donations for a building.

  • Kaleb Scott
    Kaleb Scott


  • Aislyn Morris
    Aislyn Morris

    "It just smells like a scripted youtuber apology video...." Me: oof that must smell horrible

  • Cinco de gayo
    Cinco de gayo

    i think i know why it stank so much, my mom has one of these at home and they are for bathrooms to make it smell more pleasant for when you need to go but Brandon sprayed it every ware and he may have sprayed a bit too much trust me, my mom used it all the time and i had to go to the bathroom downstairs is smelled so bad! I don't know how she was able to use it, but anyways i hope that clears it up for yall (just turned western there for a second)

  • Kristen Linney
    Kristen Linney

    Y hygiene to 24

  • Baby Girls
    Baby Girls


  • Wrestling_ fanatic
    Wrestling_ fanatic

    I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe when the fan started throwing air fresherners at Brandon😂

  • Kaydance Cole
    Kaydance Cole

    I love how he just makes jokes about how it can stink for everything he got 😂😂

  • DragonMaster 929
    DragonMaster 929

    The voice crack when he said Craig

  • gacha tiger15
    gacha tiger15

    Not the ✨ORagimi✨ that had me laughing

  • Justin C.
    Justin C.

    Surstrommings part 2

  • Demon johnson
    Demon johnson

    Yo whoever replaced the liquid into an anonymous bottle like that. Fucking amazing that was hilarious 🤣🤣

  • Carla Ronquillo
    Carla Ronquillo

    Dude you absolutely crack me up sideways,I just laugh my ass off..thumbs up on the stink bomb vedio haha so funny..

  • Emily Hale
    Emily Hale

    "Little nostril rockets" *pft* 😂😂😂

  • Hailee Smith
    Hailee Smith

    pov me watching this haha ha did he did he really put that on his self haha haaa-

  • Ashley Wyatt
    Ashley Wyatt

    The one singular fart that created the universe! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Zero!

    I fucking lost it when he sprayed it on himself

  • Tim Miller
    Tim Miller

    Please dont🦄

  • The Anderson Sisters H to 3rd power
    The Anderson Sisters H to 3rd power

    I cannot stop laughing win you open the skunk spray

  • ishaksonn

    surströming flashbacks intensify

  • Mike Masterson
    Mike Masterson

    I love this guy so much I even subscribe to him

  • •simply_katsuki Bakugo•
    •simply_katsuki Bakugo•

    Bro I love you and uhm keep going because I’m running out of ur videos to watch when I’m crying🥺

  • Mackenzie Warner
    Mackenzie Warner

    Ok lets get serious not even a second later (okay) omg he cracks me up even when I'm mad

  • Christene Jewn
    Christene Jewn

    This video is making my night so much better. Thank you Brandon. ☺️💜

  • Lawana Sandlin
    Lawana Sandlin

    You are funny

  • BKK Drako
    BKK Drako

    The puppet part made me laugh hard asfk😂😂😂😂

  • EEnderPvP

    Are you okay

  • Phoebe Felts
    Phoebe Felts

    The way I cry laughed at the stink spray ndbdhdbsbshabamrofihsBbbahahahagag

  • Blue Baby
    Blue Baby

    “Runs in room dramatically knocks Kelly over” ✨😂

  • muriel parker
    muriel parker

    The thing that stunk so bad you’re supposed to spray in the toilet before you do a Dukie 😂 Lol 😂

  • kekekapalot

    He just almost died 😂😂😭

  • Don Kurtz
    Don Kurtz

    How did you get rid of the sand?

  • Above and Beyond Ancestor Readings
    Above and Beyond Ancestor Readings

    Omg !! You make the worst days bright!!! Thank you! Love the humor

  • Samin Patwary
    Samin Patwary

    Who is Who is Kelly dude

  • Bella&Leo

    "oh it smells like a skunks but with feet"

  • Jade_B!sh

    Brandon: oh im sorry i have broken ur gift *2 min later* Brandon: *gags* did i say thank u im sorry :)

  • Emma Hernandez
    Emma Hernandez

    Whoever sent him the spray was probably laughing their heads off after watching this.😂😂😂

  • 900Truths

    Wer equation going to ignore the fact there is DUCK TAPE ON HIS HAIR?

  • Me Heitz
    Me Heitz

    I laughed so hard when he sprayed it 🤣😅😂😂

  • skycaptaindi

    would love to know where we send stuff in


    bro your funny

  • Zana Gashi
    Zana Gashi

    Brandon:”Can I open a window and jump out of it” that sent me 😭

  • Trey Durant
    Trey Durant

    I'm counting the gut busting laughter as cardio for the next month.

  • Among us God
    Among us God

    1:26 made me laugh so hard

  • Among us God
    Among us God

    1:27 made me die

  • Pam Maggard
    Pam Maggard

    He is so funny😂😄

  • Megan Hingley
    Megan Hingley

    Box of the week challenge: A unicorn gift, hard candy, Harry Potter merch, and a toy for your pets

  • dr beandog
    dr beandog

    where do I buy a suck-monkey?

  • Anne Varady
    Anne Varady

    Brandon is so funny