Life Hacks For When You're Home Alone!
Got a body and like 3 extra gallons of paint? Then you probably have a mess to clean up later..
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  • Cheryl Young
    Cheryl Young

    I hope he knows how Toxic that can be!!!!!!you can die doing that. Even regular body deodorant can kill you if you cover yourself with it

  • Groom

    ah yes, bubbly "water"

  • Elliot Mendonsa
    Elliot Mendonsa

    I’m dead because of laughter literally my grave should say “died of laughter”

  • Vic Rose
    Vic Rose

    Dear God not Troom Troom!

  • Clovdyyangel Cutie9501
    Clovdyyangel Cutie9501

    Kelly during the paint: 👁💧👄💧👁 “why me” 🙏

  • noodle 36
    noodle 36

    Jokes on you, PeAsAintS

  • CherrySweety

    I’m laughing every second

  • Preston Jones
    Preston Jones

    Why does the life hack narrator sound like Dora 😂

  • SGrim Artz
    SGrim Artz


  • Wyn Z
    Wyn Z

    1:33 you're welcome.

  • Luka Petersen
    Luka Petersen

    1:13 KEVEN!

  • glsanguin83

    I really like your videos you’re one of the best UZloadrs I watch your videos are the best life hack videos are even better than the videos that you learn them from I really love your videos my dad loves watching your with me snack crate videos we both love your channel thank you forSpending your time

  • Skylar Colon
    Skylar Colon

    Despair 🧍🏻‍♀️-----Dis pair of knees 💀💀

  • Six

    Is no one gonna ignore he almost atethe soap

  • Kay Newlon
    Kay Newlon

    Take a shawr and take a take a washcloth

  • Valerie Haney
    Valerie Haney

    “Enjoy life once in a while” Starts break dancing 🕺🏽

  • Regina S
    Regina S

    Brandon: this one is called despair dis pair of knees Me: ugly laughing noises 🤣🤣🤣😭

  • m1L0CS

    Respect for you my Friend! For sacrifacing your body!

  • Tai Williams
    Tai Williams

    He just dodged a bullet by not doing the sock one

  • Matthew Cheng
    Matthew Cheng

    This made me hard laugh 😂 this is sooo gold

  • I’m a kid Yeet
    I’m a kid Yeet

    He is the hulk XD I’m DIEING

  • Eva Flowerforest sso
    Eva Flowerforest sso

    he looks like the less strong version on hulk lol sorry brandon

  • Nuhamin Bruh-chan
    Nuhamin Bruh-chan

    ok but ur carpet is gonna be stained for YEARS

  • Malwile Master
    Malwile Master

    3:10 he did his little dancy dance

  • whitney flood
    whitney flood


  • whitney flood
    whitney flood

    Like that

  • whitney flood
    whitney flood


  • dad dy
    dad dy

    1:38 omg he's doing shrekface 👀💋👀 we have to cancel him

  • Logan Ross
    Logan Ross


  • ryanuhric28

    Brandon: have naked with paint all over the carpet Gloria:5-minute crafts again

  • Belinda Kemblejones
    Belinda Kemblejones

    Lol this is so funny jokes on u

  • kerri ionascu
    kerri ionascu

    you looked like barny

  • SK plays
    SK plays

    I'd buy it for 100k

  • Trinity harrison
    Trinity harrison

    I looked at the thumbnail and i said nope

  • Joey Purger
    Joey Purger

    No offense but do u....😬 put make up on🧐

  • Leprichaun Lord
    Leprichaun Lord

    I love how you can see his enjoyment with all the paint.

  • Cynthia M.
    Cynthia M.

    Her: I have my own cleaning belt Him: She doesn’t want you!

  • Dermatillomaniac

    Imagine I'm able to every day

  • Totally not Milk
    Totally not Milk

    Wait who u calling peasant hey

  • Totally not Milk
    Totally not Milk

    Omg I’m laughing still after all the funny parts wait there all funny 😂😂

  • Lily Gordon
    Lily Gordon

    brandon: yes...... *looks* ugh ahhh ummmaaa no uhhhh help mee

  • Mamerswat

    Me- finishes video My brain- amateur Werewolf noise

  • Cd Dameron
    Cd Dameron

    0:29 me for half of the time I am in the shower

  • Wonkus Bonkus
    Wonkus Bonkus

    0:16 [Flashbacks to the dooderverse podcast]

  • Emma Caldwell
    Emma Caldwell

    Anyone else binge watching all his videos cause there’s nothing else to watch

  • Kerrie Hazzard
    Kerrie Hazzard

    Him: * pulls down his pants*. five minute craft: A real man doesn’t give up. him: ok * pulls his pants back up*. I started dying of laughter

  • Undercover_Pigeon

    Nobody: Imbrandonfarris not even 30 seconds in: *Drinks soap water*

  • Ky Evans
    Ky Evans

    brandon:HEY eye balls right here ik its close me:sneakly takes screenshot

  • Karina Perez
    Karina Perez

    1:37 Hulk who

  • Tiff Edge
    Tiff Edge


  • Jolie hudson
    Jolie hudson

    BRANDON PLEASE react to " frog time" it will help with your fear of spooders

  • Azatllo9028

    My question is how did you get that paint out of your carpet...????

  • Julian x30
    Julian x30

    1:37 hes schreck

  • Kaitlin Fitz
    Kaitlin Fitz

    I was watching this at night and I couldn’t breathe I was laughing so hard, I was wheezing😂

  • amypond1231
    amypond1231 did you get that paint out though? 🤣

  • rhashon10

    Lol The fact he hit his head on the painting

  • Mr. Airsoft
    Mr. Airsoft

    He looks like budget shrek

  • Mr Doge
    Mr Doge

    1:22 THICC

  • Debbie Walsh
    Debbie Walsh

    The stuff brandon does is probably normal for Gloria now: Brandon: half naked, covered in green, purple and yellow paint with a toilet seat around his neck Gloria: 5 minute crafts? Brandon: nods Gloria: ok then Then she goes to read or something

  • call me cormac
    call me cormac


  • Krystie clarkson
    Krystie clarkson

    brandon stains his jeans so he pulls them down some random dude says are you rlly gonna give up brandon oh crp pull them back up

  • Emily Hall
    Emily Hall

    I really want to see his girlfriend's reaction of her walking in on him out of nowhere 😂😂😂


    Sometimes I wonder, how much crack do you have to ingest to make this kind of content😂

  • tracy carver
    tracy carver

    IM DEAD "This one is called despair dis pair knees"🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭

  • Katherine Broadway
    Katherine Broadway


  • Asia Lynn
    Asia Lynn

    1:45 "This one is called dispair...... DIS PAIR OF KNEES" Made me wheeze uncontrolably

  • 『M』『o』『n』『o』

    “Where did he go-“ (Seconds later) “ITS THE HULK “

  • Samantha Barnett
    Samantha Barnett

    wow i hope you dont clean this up by your self or do you have a cleaner cuz i do not have a cleaner at allll....... crazy right?

  • ColdFire 2145
    ColdFire 2145

    It's abstract art, the painters: 1:37

  • Marissa Snyder
    Marissa Snyder

    You funny

  • Brandon Melewski
    Brandon Melewski

    He turned into hulk

  • WOlff the king
    WOlff the king

    0:27 that hurt

  • Desirae Leggett
    Desirae Leggett

    I wanna be an artist when I grow up and I BELIEVE SIR THAT WAS A WASTE OF A CANVAS

  • K E I T H
    K E I T H

    I NEED that painting O^O

  • The CraigZ
    The CraigZ

    Breaking into this dudes house and he's doing this 1:35

  • rylan mcgowan
    rylan mcgowan

    Do you have tiks

  • kristen mullin
    kristen mullin

    Ya real man don’t give up so early

  • kristen mullin
    kristen mullin

    Him She doseit want u

  • kristen mullin
    kristen mullin


  • Milliy The Pink Devil
    Milliy The Pink Devil


  • Jessica Karcher
    Jessica Karcher

    *Brandon Moving Out* Brandon: So are you giving me back my deposit in the form of a check or just cash? Landlord: I’m calling the police.

  • Yumi Yoko the 1-A dum girl
    Yumi Yoko the 1-A dum girl

    Brandon that's soap XD

  • Gnome Gang
    Gnome Gang

    you should get a new filming room with a floor that isn't carpet and is easier to clean for these videos

  • Avorie J
    Avorie J

    Hey Brandon you can’t vacuum up paint this time!!! You might wanna save up for not getting your deposit back. Hope this helps king ! ✨💫

  • Ashtyn Garner
    Ashtyn Garner

    Did anybody mind also got to old Greg when he painted himself green

  • Samuel Reckling
    Samuel Reckling

    1:37 since he likes Bob Ross, he could be the new Bob Ross even though somebody already took over

  • Wasap I’m bored
    Wasap I’m bored

    Me:yes your flat

  • Madison Henry
    Madison Henry

    I think we have found barny long lost brother

  • Aric Romo Knudstrup
    Aric Romo Knudstrup

    thats carpet myguy lol hilarious

  • Kathrine Dunford
    Kathrine Dunford

    you are soooo funny hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah the pickle one is just so funny . (Lily age 9)

  • Saira Khan
    Saira Khan

    Im confused cuz on when i go on ur channel the last video was 1 year ago i think

  • B. McAllister
    B. McAllister

    You won't like him when he's angry... Or green...

  • Tyrice Jacquett
    Tyrice Jacquett

    Do you look like a skinnier version of Shrek when he put the paint on

  • Chau Ngo
    Chau Ngo

    Brandon: (puts whole body on body. Me: (laughing out way too loud.

  • Ivette Amaro
    Ivette Amaro

    1:37 pause

  • 10 minutes crafts
    10 minutes crafts


  • Doggy_carty woofy •—•
    Doggy_carty woofy •—•

    Yayyy Brandon gots new dance moves TaKe ALl My MOnEY💸💰💵💳💎💴💶

  • Nicole Aesthetic
    Nicole Aesthetic

    Video:Are u tired of the people around u Brandon: yes.......*mumbles* *whispers*help meeeeee

  • Mirac

    0:28 when covid-19 goes next level

  • GingerTea Arts
    GingerTea Arts

    The lights look like hearts in his eyes at 1:35, don't know why it was so noticeable but I just thought it was neat.