Who's That Broken Pokemon?! (Opening!)
It's definitely mewtwo..
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  • miley gaming907
    miley gaming907

    I love your videos

  • seahawks_fan_12

    Yo Brandon you've probably already looked it up but that is a stefon Diggs Jersey, he is a wide receiver for the buffalo bills

  • Tiffany Simmons
    Tiffany Simmons

    I've never seen a rose so... Metal? 🤘😝🤘 I'll see myself out.

  • Cats J
    Cats J

    Brandon should dance with Kelly Tango With the rose

  • tabitha wittek
    tabitha wittek

    not me thinking my eyes were going

  • Carla Ronquillo
    Carla Ronquillo


  • Jada Williams
    Jada Williams

    I always love your video's

  • Small Town Hunting Girl
    Small Town Hunting Girl

    Yep! The Buffalo Bills, near Niagara Falls! Diggs was our #1 receiver last year. Go bills!!

  • Clayton Roser
    Clayton Roser

    Do collet coins form other countries

  • Liz McAndrew
    Liz McAndrew

    Brandon, I love you, but please clean your screen, I feel like i'm watching you through an aquariums thats let just one too many children touch the glass

  • Katsuki Bakugou
    Katsuki Bakugou

    Do a bob Ross collection video please

  • Kimberly Girdlestone
    Kimberly Girdlestone

    LETS GO BUFFALO!! Diggs baby

  • Kirigiaya

    I love how he comes up with Brandon's law. Like branagens law from futurerama.

  • Tessa Russell
    Tessa Russell

    Can you donate to Guardian K9 Rescue unit in Millington Tennessee? Thank you!

  • Evan Marcus
    Evan Marcus

    Gahhhhhh” Brandon: imagine thats an intro. Every other UZloadr ever:.... Excuse me? Brandon: You heard me

  • Brittany03

    Brandon: “Fragile handle with care”..rips box open...”whoa oh it broke a little, it wasn’t me!”

  • LTLscopz

    i has about to skip the book part but he spoiled the ending to me

  • MrDinoTroll

    broken pokémon just like my broken art skills :(

  • tpajer

    Hello I am scarlet I love your videos I recommended baldis basics

  • Christine Ng
    Christine Ng

    you look like you're glowing

  • Missing.In.Action

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  • Cieli Finneran
    Cieli Finneran

    you posted this on my bday :0

  • Shooketh felix
    Shooketh felix

    His editing style changed, yea.

  • American Retsuko
    American Retsuko

    Brandon your fake accounts are spamming me friend requests,..... I blocked 4 accounts already

  • Nathan Lamb
    Nathan Lamb

    You going to do a Google translates recipe any time soon? We miss those!

  • Potato God
    Potato God

    I haven’t been watching this channel for long and whos Kelly celly how do u spell it

  • Aceilyn Vlogs
    Aceilyn Vlogs

    You should bring Ginger back lol

  • Skyler RainNJ
    Skyler RainNJ

    Awwwww my boyfriend is a welder and he made me metal roses for Valentines day last year 😍 SO cute

  • Lily Ervin
    Lily Ervin

    Oh it was pizza

  • Lily Ervin
    Lily Ervin

    Camera camera is blurry !!!!! Lol u make my day better🤗

  • Vermin Killah
    Vermin Killah

    Very early Pikachu card and others. One Gold pokemon card in one of those in an egg like plastic things. I got one of those, email me. That card, if i remember right, was in the 1990's.

  • Vermin Killah
    Vermin Killah

    Brandon, I have a Pokemon Relic you may be interested in. Not a joke buddy. 😀😄 Still Love the funny vids. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • *.Pinky_minecraft.*


  • taina martiskainen
    taina martiskainen

    i like your videos because they are so funny 😄🙏🏻

  • Karlie Bennett
    Karlie Bennett

    you should do an ice cream in the car series with autumn like that one time you got roasted by her while eating ice cream love you guys!!

  • Bellamy Faunce
    Bellamy Faunce

    I hope YOU have the best day ever...... mainly because I said so, but mostly because you want to. Have a good day😤

  • Jessica Blackwell
    Jessica Blackwell

    You should definitely try out ark that would be hilarious to watch 😂😂

  • SkyRoblox

    How is this man’s carpets not destroyed?

  • The Beast
    The Beast

    The fact you still have Kelly/Kaitlyn 2 years later is absolutely amazing! I hope she still watches. Keep up the amazing content!

  • Megan beach
    Megan beach

    Hi can u pls donat to children's hospital. They saved my sister's life. It would mean a lot to me Thx😀

  • Roxy Craig
    Roxy Craig

    Im laughing so hard right now🤣

  • Symon Lyons
    Symon Lyons

    Okay I saw the you with a girl on the holding a live tarantula vid and it kinda looks like TheHumbleNoob is it? So is she your girlfriend or your ex? Just a question don't need to answer just curious.

  • RoboMouse

    Pin me so I can look cool. :0

  • Ichigo Chan
    Ichigo Chan

    I was going through a really hard time today and I knew as soon as I watched him he would make me laugh. Thank you 🥰🥰 (also I really like your editing)

  • Lillie Gramm
    Lillie Gramm

    I literally loveee his new editing style 👏🏻✋🏻✨

  • Ashley Musson
    Ashley Musson

    "Oh, don't you dare fall!" Me to myself whenever I trip on something 😂😂

  • unseasoned rat
    unseasoned rat

    I was very satisfied when he cleaned the lenses

  • LizDiz Vidz
    LizDiz Vidz

    3:52 That is exactly how I open letters.

  • Nightfallgaming

    Try opening a can with a spoon

  • Evelyn Carranza
    Evelyn Carranza

    I check his Chanel every hour to see if he uploads l: am I obsessed (most likely)

  • TeaTime Owl
    TeaTime Owl

    Pea size amount... 😂

  • Adah Lehal
    Adah Lehal

    Can you do another google translate

  • Svea Jörgensen
    Svea Jörgensen

    Did you divorce you're wife? Because there is a girl saying you're her boyfriend and you can't be someones wife and girlfriend

    • Svea Jörgensen
      Svea Jörgensen

      @Licia Young sorry if it was unclear that it was meant as a joke

    • Licia Young
      Licia Young

      She’s the same person... think of her as his girlfwife. MariaaGloriaa. Follow her Instagram to see them on the daily

  • Taylor Uhlman
    Taylor Uhlman

    This is like the third time he’s reminded is that he shaved

    • Licia Young
      Licia Young

      He’s very proud of his chin 🤣

  • Alexis Ramos
    Alexis Ramos

    How are you so funny?

    • Licia Young
      Licia Young

      Magic! 😂

  • Shevon McGrath
    Shevon McGrath

    I have a level 6 puzzle like that I sat there forever trying to figure it out... my 8 year old takes it and comes back 5 mins later with it apart... she found a video on how to do it lol so now she goes around tricking all the adults with it

  • Himiko Toga
    Himiko Toga

    “And everyone liked biscuit woof” dang Brandon I was almost finished with that book too. Spoiler alert

  • Anime Lover
    Anime Lover

    This guy has the “never grow up” vide and I love it

  • roseantiquus

    Can someone please tell me the name of the pink drink he always has? (I’m not a coffee shop regular)

    • roseantiquus

      Licia Young thank you

    • Licia Young
      Licia Young

      I think it’s literally called the pink drink

  • Hannah Banana
    Hannah Banana

    I love ur videos!! can u donate to The Humane Society of West Michigan

  • Jane Overbay
    Jane Overbay

    So glad you’re doing openings again.

  • cryptonite

    ok to clear up i thought you all would know but im scrolling through videos and seeing so many questions about brandon and autumn. To clear up for those people autumn is his step daughter. Her biological dad is a football player. Brandon is raising autumn as his own.

  • Nick Holm
    Nick Holm

    sub to pewds

  • Danielle Harrison
    Danielle Harrison

    I miss seeing this Brandon. He seems so much happier than he does in his 5 minute craft vidoes

  • Sanchi Luthra
    Sanchi Luthra

    Please make more videos with Autumn and Gloria and Cam. We would love to watch you all.

  • Newbot 2023
    Newbot 2023

    Sub to lazarbeam

  • A Cup Of Yeast
    A Cup Of Yeast


  • Piggy speed runs With Mia
    Piggy speed runs With Mia

    Pin for cookie? 🍪 there it is and you know you want it.

  • Philip Foster
    Philip Foster

    Just want to say, your parents are awesome. We seen them at a park in Branson, and they preyed over my friend who just lost one of her twins.

  • Pork of fury
    Pork of fury

    Broken Pokémon? No no no, more like, brokémon... hehe

  • ASL 4 Life
    ASL 4 Life

    I FINALLY got an opening in time to guess the box of the week and suggest a charity!! Only took me a FRICKING YEAR!! Donate to Cottages of Hope in Ogden, Utah. They help teach disadvantaged members of the community to pull themselves up by the bootstraps and take control of their financial future. I've worked with them for years!! Every bit helps! I watched this thing all the way to the end just to see the box of the week and HE DIDNT DO ONE!! GRRR!!

  • Morgano Indahighest
    Morgano Indahighest

    I just watched his video where he asks Scarlett Johanson to be his valentine🤣 made me laugh a lot.

  • Nuhamin Bruh-chan
    Nuhamin Bruh-chan

    ur camera is BLURREEDD

  • ansli gentry
    ansli gentry

    The smudge was bothering my OCD lol so glad you fixed it! I love watching your videos♥️

  • lilly1348 oof
    lilly1348 oof

    Brandon you should react to your old videos (just a random video idea)😃

  • firegirl12191996

    You should have tank tops and crop tops in your merch

  • MayJoji

    Imaaaaaaaaagine getting pinned by a Chaotic Good. Couldn't be me. Edit: pls pin

  • Ruby Blackthorne
    Ruby Blackthorne

    I'll send stuff when I can

  • Jill Brooks
    Jill Brooks

    It’s got stuff on it.. anthrax?? 😳 I’m dead. ☠️☠️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Marina Keyvellou
    Marina Keyvellou

    Brandon I love the new editing you’re doing

    • Licia Young
      Licia Young

      He hired an editor and he’s doing amazing!!!

    • Marina Keyvellou
      Marina Keyvellou

      With the close ups and text

  • Shyla Smith
    Shyla Smith


  • BassDistruction Fishing
    BassDistruction Fishing

    Go Bills!!!

  • Ashley Browne
    Ashley Browne

    I watch your videos religious and I’m always afraid I’ll get lost in the comments but when you SUPER gasped about the wand it cut to commercial before showing it and I just wanted to say it made me spit my beer

  • DarkAngel82 Hall
    DarkAngel82 Hall

    You should try to make homemade pasta beef ravioli or stuffed with anything. Google translate

  • Banana Friends
    Banana Friends

    This camera has been though so much

  • Killua Zoldyck
    Killua Zoldyck

    I love the opening videos so plz do more

  • Hudec Kids
    Hudec Kids

    Why is your wife / gf never in your vids.

    • Licia Young
      Licia Young

      She is sometimes, but she has her own channel at MariaaGloriaa. He’s in hers too!

  • Wyatt Sharkfin
    Wyatt Sharkfin


    • Licia Young
      Licia Young

      If u search “who is kelly Brandon Farris” a fee videos will pop up. The story is fantastic!

  • A guy who fixes the dryer
    A guy who fixes the dryer

    This mans apartment is a circus for ants

    • Licia Young
      Licia Young

      Ha! So was his birthday old car 😂

  • The Rgamer
    The Rgamer

    Guess what... my birthday is on April 9th

  • Evelyn Carranza
    Evelyn Carranza

    I have a tip for ALL watchers, NEVER eat or drink anything while watching Brandon... you don’t wanna find out what happens, let’s just say it isn’t safe 😂

  • iris hamlin
    iris hamlin

    How did you do this.... one piece at a time I’d assume

  • Teen random gamer
    Teen random gamer

    5:39 I used Brandon's law once. I found a locked lock (no pun intended) in the gyn and tried for an hour to open it with my friend. It had a little slide lock that you could move in any direction for as long as you wanted the combination to be. At one point I got frusterated, and used my palm to move it a million directions for a minute straight. Imagine my surprise as I heard a click. I could have been smart and reset the lock and kept it cause it was pretty cool but I wanted to be the cocky freshman I was and locked it again to show my friend (she had seen the initial unlock and was laughing hysterically). I was not aware at the time that Brandon had invented the method, but thank you! I will ALWAYS try your way.

  • Hi Your really pretty
    Hi Your really pretty

    Brand:aaaa...oooo... how long is it gonna last it’s forever Me: lol. Came out as soon as you said it is going to last forever lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Cori Ion
    Cori Ion

    Love openings. You're the best.

  • Scrator

    is it me or there was a smudge on the camera line and i wiped my phone screen

  • Cori Ion
    Cori Ion

    Was about time to trim your beard. Looks good.

  • Savedcain

    God loves you🙏He wants you to love Him! He sent His very own Son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins, then rose Him from the dead!

  • Hotdog Water
    Hotdog Water

    I like the new editing kinda style (if it makes sense) 🤍🤍🤍

  • Leiarra Hunt
    Leiarra Hunt

    The insanity of his videos is the reason for my sanity at this point