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    • Red Shoe C l a n •


  • Just A Microwave
    Just A Microwave

    0:47 He looks like he’s making drugs

  • Armstrong 22
    Armstrong 22

    I bet he spends the money from the video on somebody to clean his mess

  • Olivia Lees
    Olivia Lees

    It's cute that he thought she pooped herself when she sneezed 😂

  • *Sodee *
    *Sodee *

    Brandon: She pooped herself All the girls watching: We will go with that if needed

  • Husk 2768
    Husk 2768

    Am I the only one who laughed when he said ahh my stress ball got stuck in the zipper

  • Tiktoker 69
    Tiktoker 69

    I love watching this dude😂😂

  • Isabella Vaught
    Isabella Vaught

    Why in every video with life hacks he has he makes a big mess

  • ?!Talcia Austin?!
    ?!Talcia Austin?!


  • Wyn Z
    Wyn Z

    "i dont have a cacow. im a cavegan."

  • Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson

    Wow shout out to fallout boy!!! Wow lmao

  • BananaCake_Gaming

    He all ways makes me laugh😂🤣

  • A&H productions
    A&H productions

    0:47 I keep forgetting the name of this song, what is it again?

  • Monica Smoth
    Monica Smoth

    Him: “girls poop” Me:”oh noo a little something else

  • Detanielle Montgomery
    Detanielle Montgomery

    This should just be the dickey video based on how many times he said dickey

  • BRAD O'meara
    BRAD O'meara

    I love your channel you are so funny

  • BRAD O'meara
    BRAD O'meara

    Yes since we were born

  • rasha b
    rasha b

    Was it actually your favorite shirt? AND THIS DUDE IS HILARIOUS

  • N .H
    N .H

    Fun Fact These are 70 times more funny at 2am Try it..you won't be disappointed 👍

  • physcopathic prankster
    physcopathic prankster

    This man is dirty-minded but manages to keep it child friendly lmao

  • lilant boss131
    lilant boss131

    0:13"That is unique BALLoon"

  • Lilly's place
    Lilly's place

    To imb

  • Softie Weebie
    Softie Weebie

    “Girls poop?” Me: umm.. yeah!

  • Pink Mochi
    Pink Mochi

    You make me laugh every second i cant Breathe Enymore😂

  • Laci Pirraglia
    Laci Pirraglia

    Wonderful job on your eyebrows 👏

  • Dene Rauchle
    Dene Rauchle

    Him: Girls poo Me: No honey, she ripped her pants

  • Ichika Love
    Ichika Love

    After the flower balloon popped on him it looking like he just did a line of coke

  • Peyton Childs
    Peyton Childs

    Use marshmallows I watched another video

  • Karen Mrnarevic
    Karen Mrnarevic

    0:07 that’s pretty ballsiy

  • John

    For some reason this made me laugh the most 3:26

  • Mikey Beaton
    Mikey Beaton

    When stress balls pop they make you more stressed

  • corey rees
    corey rees

    Your har

  • Amy Whyte
    Amy Whyte

    The amount of time this man must spend cleaning

  • XxSouthPark_VibesxX

    just say its tomato juice they'll never know-

  • Megan Georgia Ferreira
    Megan Georgia Ferreira

    “Celebrate the(idk) cmon!”*non trigger warning appears* him:* suffocating in champagne 🍾 *

  • Muhammed Rasim ERAT
    Muhammed Rasim ERAT

    Turkish mizah

  • Zanaiyah Dre Agulto
    Zanaiyah Dre Agulto


  • good Mik0n
    good Mik0n

    XD - 1:07

  • Alora Anderson
    Alora Anderson

    If you close your eyes at 0:54 he sounds like Michael Scott 🤣🤣🤣

  • Samantha Sirbos
    Samantha Sirbos

    I just wrap my scarf around my waste to see if it would fit around my neck.🤣

  • Bennett Menzies
    Bennett Menzies

    You shake the bottle the slightest bit and it goes everywhere

  • Landon Dirt
    Landon Dirt

    2:52....freezer 😂

  • Lil Nuggy
    Lil Nuggy

    "honestly u could yell at me all day this is-" *dies cuz the stress ball demons got angry*

  • Christine Stearns
    Christine Stearns

    Stress balls that look like balls

  • FireWolfDan

    "Washingmashfreezer" i cant stop laughing🤣

  • ryanuhric28

    also i love your vids

  • ryanuhric28

    " oh its tiny well don,t compare it" Thats what she said

  • parker Azz
    parker Azz

    This is why tit tok exist!! So that this man can make a crap attempt at all of them!! All of them!

  • Blossom Pips
    Blossom Pips


  • Jensly Moran
    Jensly Moran

    I laugh so hard at the the end🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Skyler James
    Skyler James

    "You just keep touching your b- underneath the table..balloon" -Brandon Farris

  • Steve Best
    Steve Best

    Girls don’t poop them self it is called blood btw I’m in my dads Account so I am a girl

  • • bęrrÿ møčhå •
    • bęrrÿ møčhå •

    Has anyone noticed his hair?

  • Night Gamer
    Night Gamer

    Dat is som fizzy soda!! 😂

  • Rihab Ezzaime El Alaoui
    Rihab Ezzaime El Alaoui

    Ye sure it’s PoOp🥲🥲🥲🥲

  • Stephanie Frisbie
    Stephanie Frisbie

    It's the "no kids for you" for me

  • stormy playz
    stormy playz

    he kinda sounds like beetlejuice to me in this video at: 0:07 this clip got me thinking of beetlejuice.

  • The O'Reilly Family
    The O'Reilly Family

    I'm going to die of lafter

  • Natasha Green
    Natasha Green

    lol 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Zahmara Holloway
    Zahmara Holloway

    I love how when he was filling the ballon he just sung “I’ll be a number one with the bully!,flour loaded ballon coc-“ and then he stopped himself 😂😂

  • Act Pax
    Act Pax

    in the part where u said the girl pooped, well she didn't poop...

  • Rubin Yohannan
    Rubin Yohannan

    THANK GOD FOR MAKING HIM...we should call him *The most hilarious man in the world that makes you die after dying of laughter* I definitely don't have stretchy skin- Oh..i dont have hairspray but i do have stretchy skin Btw. She didn't poop she um...i dont know how to explain but its a cycle

  • Mitch Sisley
    Mitch Sisley

    I love this me and my sister where dieing it's so funny

  • Shrek boi
    Shrek boi

    1:08 target has been smoked

  • Grew


  • Chelsea Darbonne
    Chelsea Darbonne

    No she's on her period

  • Alejandra Osorio
    Alejandra Osorio

    1:08 lol

  • Tallulah Furman
    Tallulah Furman

    LMAOOOOO I laughed so much I almost woke up my sister 😂

  • John Crichton
    John Crichton

    Yes I love your videos

  • Olivia Klein
    Olivia Klein


  • Banks

    How does he keep a straight face to these

  • jessamyn ronan
    jessamyn ronan

    4:01 she was on her period or she has a weak bladder and when she sneezed it went out

  • jax1don


  • sandy lais
    sandy lais

    She is on her period

  • Y/N X deku kacchan X kiri
    Y/N X deku kacchan X kiri

    3:09 lol i am dieing 😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Lucky Luice
    Lucky Luice

    Him: She pooped herself? Me: Ooh that sucks she really does need to go home. The comments: It's her period. Me: ...Oh

  • God.


  • kathleen Lang
    kathleen Lang

    I like my washamafreazer :>

  • Skyler Lucas
    Skyler Lucas

    This was my favorite shirt now it’s a dickie 😂😂😂😂

  • Crying Skiies
    Crying Skiies

    5:43 Must I say more.

  • Melanie Mclaughlin
    Melanie Mclaughlin

    * sees him tie it* Him: no kids for you Me:🙂..🤨..😳

  • Madss and bri bri
    Madss and bri bri

    Morning me work what's won't with yours don't pop it taste bad

  • Frank Romano
    Frank Romano

    at part4:35 i,m laughing so hard

  • Michelle Ayar
    Michelle Ayar


  • Michelle Ayar
    Michelle Ayar

    Damm an

  • ADII

    5 minutes crafts : jeans don’t fit Him : Oo looks like someone didn’t put them around there neck when buying it Me : 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Samantha Steinfeld
    Samantha Steinfeld

    He has a “beef jerky” neck? And he puts his pants in the “washmafreezer”

  • It’s Micah
    It’s Micah

    I can’t imagine how long it takes for it took clean his setup and carpet


    😂 I can’t help but to look at him and think of your local crack head from around the corner😂

  • Eliza Jenkins
    Eliza Jenkins

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  • Sade' Edwards
    Sade' Edwards

    I appreciate the laughs and the great value products 😊

  • MattsoPiratoso

    Is his other job being a Godamn Maid? The sheer strenght to do that much damage to your house with no second thoughts.

  • Tanya Herring
    Tanya Herring


  • Baylee Sanders
    Baylee Sanders

    Brandon: celebrate- shshshhrehabahshshshshhshssbsb

    • Baylee Sanders
      Baylee Sanders



    that is for periods don't sneeze on periods leaky leaky then

  • Jhdayne 126
    Jhdayne 126

    5:06 when I first noticed that dragons breath potions existed

  • Chloe Henry
    Chloe Henry

    he really thought girls don't poop lol I'm dead 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Soviet Union
      Soviet Union

      He didn’t, it’s for comedic purposes.

  • Ashley Schultz
    Ashley Schultz


  • Cool Mason
    Cool Mason


  • niko toivonen
    niko toivonen

    1:06 c#m