This Is A Story Of A Girl!
I couldn't think of a clever title so I resorted to lyrics! If you haven't already seen the new merch please do me the biggest favor and check it out!

  • Beccy Rollinson
    Beccy Rollinson


  • Richard Coons
    Richard Coons

    I can't talk on the other one but how why did it why did you take so long to do it again I meant me and my mom

  • Richard Coons
    Richard Coons


  • Sam Faruq
    Sam Faruq

    When I saw the title I was like "oh you met one good good wait I thought you didn't go outside like me guess-- oh welp"

  • lindsayglave


  • Tyler Long
    Tyler Long

    I just went back to his old videos and he used to have a bad lisp and i feel pretty bad for past him

  • *.Pinky_minecraft.*


  • Tamela Kobold Yoder
    Tamela Kobold Yoder

    We went to another room to have the same pic on the wall behind you???!! Hhhmmmm

  • Crystal Cole
    Crystal Cole

    Can I just ask why is the water bottle the size of Brandon lmAo love you tho your amazing

  • myah mcleod
    myah mcleod


  • Evan Finch
    Evan Finch

    Your P.O. Box for gifts ?

  • Evan Finch
    Evan Finch

    What is your P.O. Box so I can send you gifts? And is there a way to make sure mine gets opened on video? I’m going to send it in a super special box that you cannot mistake

  • Evan Finch
    Evan Finch

    Can I come visit and say hi me and my fiancé are going to be going to California in the near future I would love to meet you or even maybe FaceTime or just see you something I love your content it keeps me calm and relaxes me after a long day at work

  • Holly Sammii
    Holly Sammii

    Trying to purchase your merch but when it comes to the states option the UK isn't a option and it makes me sad also I can't purchase a phone case because my phone isn't a option on their:(

  • Chloe Sams
    Chloe Sams

    “Ben how you ben?!” Edit: don’t mind my typos pls I type fast and I don’t know how to fix the comment :( *cries* But I am funny cause I learned from the best! Ty Brandon!

  • Im RANDOM :/
    Im RANDOM :/


  • Tom Shannon
    Tom Shannon


  • • Fluffy Ducky •
    • Fluffy Ducky •

    This is the the story of a girl, named Rapunzel...😂🤣

  • Debbie Mc
    Debbie Mc

    Aslan is the Lion, from the Lion witch and the wardrobe... The Chronicles of Narnia is the book series.

  • Meaghan Cain
    Meaghan Cain


  • Macy Carrasco
    Macy Carrasco

    My name is Macy :) dies*

  • dulce bautista
    dulce bautista

    That cried a river and drowned the whole world!

  • John West
    John West

    hi brandon its emily

  • Jennifer Brandon
    Jennifer Brandon

    What are all the sites he is on I need everything 😻

  • Mukuro Ikusaba
    Mukuro Ikusaba

    Why is he quiet in his lives but then in his actual videos like JEAR DEASUS

  • Delayna Wenner
    Delayna Wenner

    I have wached you for 5 years

  • Delayna Wenner
    Delayna Wenner




  • •a k i o •
    •a k i o •


  • Logan Kidwell
    Logan Kidwell

    How do I get a word in edgewise you're my freaking dream hero dude the way you splice your videos together in the comedy is freaking genius and you're a goddamn perfect comedian

  • abby labrum
    abby labrum


  • Ross Gordanier
    Ross Gordanier

    Coming from the future, the 5 minute video was amazing

  • Caity Arns
    Caity Arns

    Oh ?

  • mikey boi
    mikey boi

    I thought he was gonna talk about his wife

  • YeetBoi1234 yeet
    YeetBoi1234 yeet


  • Riley Thorn
    Riley Thorn

    The House 2

  • Caitlin Mothersdale
    Caitlin Mothersdale


  • Riley Thorn
    Riley Thorn

    You should play house 2

  • nasiy nakyila
    nasiy nakyila


  • leen kaur
    leen kaur

    i ilke you so march

  • leen kaur
    leen kaur

    sorry corection.

  • leen kaur
    leen kaur

    see you soon

  • leen kaur
    leen kaur

    i will woch des vedov soon

  • leen kaur
    leen kaur


  • leen kaur
    leen kaur

    also hi

  • leen kaur
    leen kaur

    i like des vedov

  • Candispirit

    I can't find his gaming channel :(

    • Nathan Platt
      Nathan Platt

      only one i saw was ImBrandonFarris with a blue profile pic with an "I"....that was the only thing that first came up typing in brandon farris gaming

  • Eternally His
    Eternally His

    i bought a shirt from your merch yesterday!! im so excited and i cant wait for it to come in! i love you and your videos!

  • Marah

    At first I read it as “This is a story of a grill” and I was super confused

  • Angela Severino
    Angela Severino

  • Kennedy’s World
    Kennedy’s World

    Hi Brandon this is Kennedy! You should make more videos with your 6 year old! Also make another video with glitter bombs they make me laugh so hard 😊😅

  • Bryan Hawk
    Bryan Hawk


  • jaklin mendes
    jaklin mendes

    what is brandons gaming chennal?

    • sara nimri
      sara nimri

      He changed the name to imbrandonfarris games

    • jaklin mendes
      jaklin mendes

      @Licia Young wait so its on this channel?

    • Licia Young
      Licia Young


  • Savannah Ehlers
    Savannah Ehlers

    I. missed. it. AGAIN.

  • Countryside Coffins
    Countryside Coffins

    I hate you. One of the few songs that you can just simply state a line from or the title and BOOM BITCH! You’re throwing a week long one song Nine Days concert for one 24/7 nonstop. If you live with people? Welp looks like they get a free cover show! No promises on weather or not it’ll be a good one 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • savageminibagel

    I liked

  • Jon kid
    Jon kid

    Sorry I couldn't be live with you yesterday

  • Owen Slama
    Owen Slama

    Hey um great story but your losing subs because you are only doing streams so some pep don't have time to watch all of these streams can you make shorter videos

  • noah murry
    noah murry

    I missed the stream sorry ☹️ ☹️☹️☹️

  • Lone Knight
    Lone Knight

    Your funni

  • Samantha Place
    Samantha Place

    I can't find the gaming channel

    • annette leger
      annette leger


    i wanna go to his lives but is streaming am sleeping

  • Dredd

  • Chevy_Girl_30

    Loving the new merch I bought a shirt can't wait 2 get it and wear it..

  • GraceEvie Tasker
    GraceEvie Tasker

    I’m so confused about what people are singing in chat, can someone back me up and tell me?

    • Robin Smith
      Robin Smith

      The song is Absolutely by Nine Days 🙃

  • Kiran Dulai
    Kiran Dulai

    Day 5 of asking: can you play Emily wants to play again the last time you played it, it was hilarious 😇😇😇

  • George Jenkin
    George Jenkin

    It is always something about a girl

  • Avanni is the best
    Avanni is the best

    I’m depressed I just dropped one of my AirPods in my sink, I put it in rice but I’m scared it’s completely broken and I’ve been begging my parents for those before I got them😭😭

  • Colin

    If he dies, he dies in hes room lol

  • Madisyn Lenay
    Madisyn Lenay

    Who cried a river and drowned the whole world

  • prim plum
    prim plum

    This is the story of a girl. It's been one week since you looked at me. Somebody once told me. The world is a vampire. I've got another confession to make. -for neil cicierega fans

  • Hiwaii224

    Hi from sweden!

  • Wendy Devereaux
    Wendy Devereaux

    OMG, missed the live but watching it now and I don’t think you could be more fricken adorable. God bless you Brandon. May your days be filled with love, happiness and a good dose of funny 😁

  • XxslytherinxX

    Hiiiii i know its almost 1 am!!! But I just want to say your awesome and amazing 👏 and I love you you help with my old and anxiety so thank you sooo much

  • Brooklen Miamae
    Brooklen Miamae

    Was I the only one who went the Brittany route and read the title as “This is a story about a girl named lucky” look it up itll be stuck in your head for a while

  • Jc Flowers
    Jc Flowers

    Who cried a river and drowned the whole world!!!

  • Joe Mama mama
    Joe Mama mama

    Yooo I never been in live chat and I didn’t expect Brandon to be that responsive to the chat!! Thanks Brandon!!

  • geeky kat2451
    geeky kat2451

    Loved it

  • Haven Hightower
    Haven Hightower

    I literally accidentally unsubscribe to you today and started crying about it LMAO it was like I couldn’t just subscribe back😂❤️

  • David Heath
    David Heath

    What’s your gaming channel name?

    • annette leger
      annette leger

  • Marina Leventis
    Marina Leventis


  • PurpleFoxess

    Will the Dooderverse come back?

    • Licia Young
      Licia Young

      Someday, he wants to.

  • That Kid
    That Kid


  • Cathleen Schefflin
    Cathleen Schefflin

    I keep trying to order merch but it says my address is invalid. I really want some merch. Lol

  • Jamie Goodwin
    Jamie Goodwin

    4x in the joggers Beeeebz please 😁💜

  • nischita

    Why? I was sleeping

  • Denise Thick
    Denise Thick

    Aww I ordered while you were live and I didn’t get a shout out ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

  • Jamie Goodwin
    Jamie Goodwin

    Pippa could also be short for Phillipa 💜

  • Katlyn Vasselo
    Katlyn Vasselo

    Did she cry a river and drown the whole world?

  • Erika Zambrano
    Erika Zambrano

    can you say hi to MIAH!

  • Erika Zambrano
    Erika Zambrano

    hi omg my kid is a fan

  • Payton Carbery
    Payton Carbery


  • Unique D
    Unique D

    I love your videos

  • Unicorn BFFs
    Unicorn BFFs


  • Mike Mccaslin
    Mike Mccaslin

    I do not a yt channel but I love watching your videos they are so funny

  • Mike Mccaslin
    Mike Mccaslin

    Hi 👁️👄👁️

  • Deez Ungatz
    Deez Ungatz


  • Aidanawesome8

    Darned I missed it again



  • Andersson Dyke
    Andersson Dyke

    The channel I found that's supposedly your "gaming channel" and its last upload was six months ago, it's called "imbrandonfarris" as well... 🤔

    • Amy Church
      Amy Church

      Yep :) he has 3 videos there and about 20K subscribers. If that's the one you found, you're at the right place! He'll be uploading a new video there soon!