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  • Heather Sutton
    Heather Sutton

    His arms were purple

  • Sophie Martin
    Sophie Martin

    I don't want to wear this hand me down...don't you mean hand me up

  • Gabe Billings
    Gabe Billings

    How does he clean this up

  • Megster 123
    Megster 123

    The fact he covered his whole floor in sand 😂

  • Khyla Thomas
    Khyla Thomas

    How in the world does he clean a room filled with sand 🤣🤣

  • Cindy Lee Hooper
    Cindy Lee Hooper


  • Firedragon W
    Firedragon W

    I love pickles

  • Chloe Brecht
    Chloe Brecht

    I am wheezing at this right now

  • Ashani Harris
    Ashani Harris

    You can clean it by using a vacuum

  • Bailey Snyder
    Bailey Snyder

    " I normal weir a small in mens but tiny in babys works" LOL i drank a hole bottle of NIQILE bifore when I was 4 slept for 12 hours LOL

  • Lucas Barbosa
    Lucas Barbosa

    *chair falls over* I love the beach Me:lokk's like it 😂😂🤣🤣

  • Lucas Barbosa
    Lucas Barbosa

    My Pickel!

  • Curious Broccoli
    Curious Broccoli

    We’re just gonna ignore the fact he filled his whole room with sand

  • sariah madry
    sariah madry

    to be honest I feel like it would take months to clean up Brandon's house WITH BRANDON

  • Larkin's Vlog Channel
    Larkin's Vlog Channel

    I like how he says "Kelly you would know what an electrical fire is" and I look it up The electrical components and wires in your walls and outlets are coated with heat-resistant chemicals and plastic coating for insulation. When these chemicals and plastic heat up significantly, they give off a burning odor that can smell like fish. Haha 😂

  • Luka Petersen
    Luka Petersen

    1:00 KEVEN!

  • Owl Ladie
    Owl Ladie

    This guy is the most funniest guy on the internet lol🤣😂😀

  • LittleSuperKid 5
    LittleSuperKid 5

    Shut mic cows

  • Gregory Kitchens
    Gregory Kitchens

    You answered your own question. If you have enough of that nyquil the sand won't be your problem 🤣

  • Meme Y
    Meme Y

    Sign me up because I love pickles

  • Skylar Colon
    Skylar Colon

    The dedication 😭😭

  • Nour Abou alfadel
    Nour Abou alfadel

    lets take a moment to appreciate him like he does everything for content this dude is amazing

  • GRU Main Intelligence Directorate
    GRU Main Intelligence Directorate

    i think he moves houses after every video

  • CallMeh BunBun
    CallMeh BunBun

    The first one-

  • Morag Young
    Morag Young

    I love how he literally districts his room for entertainment purposes

  • sleepy bunny
    sleepy bunny

    the things you do for us brandon, the things you do

  • Kayley Playz
    Kayley Playz

    Brandon: “That’s enough I don’t want to make a mess” Me:Wow that’s a first

  • Remi Wilson
    Remi Wilson

    I- uh- you have a Hoover to get the sand-? It uhm may be helpful XD

  • Enrique Medina
    Enrique Medina

    Did the sand take a lomg time😂😂

  • Kiya And josh
    Kiya And josh

    My bAgEL:(!😂😂😂😂❤️

  • we are Anonymous
    we are Anonymous

    mY pIcKlE



  • Emil Kasal
    Emil Kasal

    What an intro😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Leah Westgate
    Leah Westgate

    U should of filmed what it's like cleaning up😂

  • Dont Mind meh
    Dont Mind meh

    I cloud not stop laughing at this vid my fam thinks I’m crazy-

  • Chantelle Streete
    Chantelle Streete

    directly... on the... carpet...

  • phoebethehumanbeing

    Brandon is so funny that he makes himself laugh

  • RedblackNinja20

    Also did he put sand in his room???!!!??

  • RedblackNinja20

    Does he not know there is such thing as outside. I guess in his world there is no outside

  • HJ Lyrics
    HJ Lyrics

    Did.. he really put the sand in his room??

  • Tricia Tortoso
    Tricia Tortoso

    He and his pickle

  • oxkaylajadexo x
    oxkaylajadexo x

    I don't like pikels

  • Ohpliimo Piccolo
    Ohpliimo Piccolo

    0:55 just killed me i

  • helloxkittty 70
    helloxkittty 70

    Can we take a moment to say how the hell does he literally destroy his room and in the next video his room is looking brand new.

  • Alexandra Danielian
    Alexandra Danielian

    Is Kelly alive?

  • Dermatillomaniac

    The lengths this man will go to for us is unreal...

  • •Random_cosplays •
    •Random_cosplays •

    You make my days so much better, i can't breathe rn because of you lol

  • Imogen Marenghi
    Imogen Marenghi

    Did he put sand in his room or is that just his carpet?? I’m very confused 😂

    • Addison Gotcher
      Addison Gotcher

      It’s sand dumby he said it only 100 times

  • Carys Dille
    Carys Dille

    1:52 "uhh sir you ok?"

  • Harrys big Left toe
    Harrys big Left toe

    everybody is talking abt the mess he made but WHERE DID HE GET THE SAND-

  • Thanis Thanis
    Thanis Thanis

    One thing, how will you clean up that?

  • blossomcutie83

    use a vacume brandon just hold it down plugged in and let it grab all of the sand

  • Undercover_Pigeon

    "Just one drop of bleach, I don't want to make a mess" The rest of his house: Am I a joke to you

  • Coco

    I kinda wanna see the clean up process 😂

  • Rachael Martin
    Rachael Martin

    It's sun cream not sun block..

  • Vlad


  • Millie Shaw
    Millie Shaw

    I love pickles 💘

  • Brendan Congleton
    Brendan Congleton

    Something gives me the idea that you own multiple houses.

  • Ellen Taylor
    Ellen Taylor

    Well Is Kathy

  • Kyouka Jirou
    Kyouka Jirou

    Brandon: You like pickles Me: Sure Freakin do *eats a jar of pickles*

  • Luna blossom
    Luna blossom

    Eat the sand

  • Danny Pentin
    Danny Pentin

    Oh poor Kelly

  • Kim Hughes
    Kim Hughes

    Brandon: forgets about delivery man Delivery man: ...... Brandon: you like pickles?

  • alli ooo
    alli ooo

    his neighbors be like 😳😂😂

  • ReapersBaby

    Note to self: don't watch a Brandon video at 1:30 in the morning or you'll wake the whole house up and probably next door too 🤦‍♀️😂

  • sgt. Taco
    sgt. Taco

    I got sand on my pickle

  • Spiders Are People Too
    Spiders Are People Too

    Mad respect for your carpet man.

  • Reanna Cummings
    Reanna Cummings

    i love u u is so funny haha

  • Reanna Cummings
    Reanna Cummings

    this dude needs to go out side and do this lol

  • emilygracey

    Oh dear God, your poor cleaner! 😳

  • Evelyn Hillier
    Evelyn Hillier

    Can we just appreciate all the effort mess and time and money he puts into every video

  • Jessica Langford
    Jessica Langford

    I love you Jessica

  • Isabella Costello
    Isabella Costello

    dued i know its my day off but use a vaccume im guessing-

  • Evan Playzs
    Evan Playzs

    Cant imagine how long it takes to clean your room

  • uli falkner
    uli falkner

    Is Kelly his wife

  • Madison Brown
    Madison Brown

    My pi kle

  • Jimmy Wilson
    Jimmy Wilson

    did kelly d i e die

  • Cambria Comer
    Cambria Comer

    i like pickles

  • Tanya *Callen* Russell
    Tanya *Callen* Russell

    This has got to be the funniest guy around

  • Lili Mei Buchan
    Lili Mei Buchan

    Wait did he drink MOUTHWASH!

  • Araceli Lopez
    Araceli Lopez


  • unicornsquad578 09
    unicornsquad578 09


  • Gabriella Krivosh
    Gabriella Krivosh

    2 funny 4 me if I watch this stuff At night I might possibly be caught

  • Wolf•cub•gamer

    Honestly I love Brandon so much✨

  • SpongebobPenguin

    Looking a little like Macauley Culkin in that denim jacket and sunglasses.

  • Ríoghnaigh Finn Spellissy
    Ríoghnaigh Finn Spellissy

    Does anybody no dababy

  • Jaden Allena Bryant
    Jaden Allena Bryant

    Somehow I managed to imagine that Gloria would walk in on all this🤣🤣🤣

  • ImRainPlays

    Hire a cleaner to take care of the sand, its *His/Hers* job to *Clean*

  • Dorothy Bowers
    Dorothy Bowers

    My teacher: what do bruh plus meme make Me : I do not know My teacher : bruhmeme

  • mushrøm

    *Yes i like pickles.*

  • mya&amy vids!!
    mya&amy vids!!

    What happened to this mans knees

  • Savanna Hamblin
    Savanna Hamblin

    Where did he get the sand


    I like pickles to 🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒🥒

  • •Nøt A Pyschopath•
    •Nøt A Pyschopath•

    and now he has sand in his carpet along with the glitter and water.

  • Colin Lawton
    Colin Lawton

    3:06 😂

  • etil77

    I still can't get over the fact he put sand DIRECTLY on his carpet

  • Zehra Besler
    Zehra Besler

    I would move out

  • tripler hillis
    tripler hillis

    I feel so bad for your office and carpet. Also, do you have all the stuff you use in your videos just laying around in your house?!

  • Nicholas Mason
    Nicholas Mason

    When you face planted in water I laughed so hard I dropped my phone

  • Whiper Snapper04
    Whiper Snapper04

    How isn’t he dead form all the things he does that isn’t safe