5 Minute Crafts Prison Hacks!
These will help you get into prison more than help you in there..
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    Jer Bear

    Can you please pin this comment I don’t know why I just never been pinned before

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      your wish came true!

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      Youna Kharka

      There you go lol 😂

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      MiMi GabuGabu

      @Jer Bear congrats lol

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    Ian M.


  • Molly Youtube
    Molly Youtube

    Can we just appreciate how he is destroying his apartment just for us

  • L i v
    L i v

    OMG, you are so funny! My siblings and I have been watching you every day and make challenges to not laugh at your vids.

  • Watchmanrtk


  • Emma Amajiki
    Emma Amajiki

    This has gotta be my favorite video from him


    What do hives look like says Brandon


    You try shoving kester y-you know what I mean

  • Ashleigh woods
    Ashleigh woods

    Dee baby shanky

  • Alexandra Taylor
    Alexandra Taylor

    You just know his cleaner hates him by now.

  • Iced_water 69
    Iced_water 69

    2:40 got me rolling

  • lyxander 11
    lyxander 11

    Yes dababy

  • TriqzFN

    Dude your hilarious

  • Detanielle Montgomery
    Detanielle Montgomery


    • Omar Hassan
      Omar Hassan

      @Imbrandonfarris you're still replying to comments after 2 months?

    • Imbrandonfarris

      Get out of here 😂

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    Araya Dunn


  • Mr Doge
    Mr Doge

    da belly

  • Jada sapp
    Jada sapp

    Gonna try the mess also probably gonna get killed by parebts6

  • Hazy Storms Productions
    Hazy Storms Productions

    I LOVE all of your hack videos!! they make me laugh. Keep up the good work!

  • emma lee
    emma lee

    Plz just get were I'm coming from 2:49

  • Ami Justdance
    Ami Justdance

    Ok xd bubble xd kto z pokski

  • Cosplay Buch
    Cosplay Buch

    I died of laughing every time I watch you videos

  • Kaia Knapp
    Kaia Knapp

    Brandon: *drops glass* FiX iT

  • Mugelbbub16

    Netflix: Are you still watching? 5:12

  • Averie Stark
    Averie Stark

    The knifes on the belly tho

  • karen kriegshauser
    karen kriegshauser


  • Yoda Star
    Yoda Star

    U should do this out side

  • KitKat Xx
    KitKat Xx

    See you in jail!

  • Erik Avila
    Erik Avila

    0:54 do I need to say more

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    LeAndra Daffe

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    celest deherrera

    show't me out on tick tok @cc.gucci

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    celest deherrera

    show't me out on tick tok at.

  • celest deherrera
    celest deherrera

    show't me out on tick tok at.

  • celest deherrera
    celest deherrera

    show't me out on tick tok at.

  • celest deherrera
    celest deherrera

    show't me out on tick tok at.

  • celest deherrera
    celest deherrera

    show't me out on tick tok at.

  • celest deherrera
    celest deherrera

    you are my fave you tuber and tick toker pls showt me out on your tick tok @cc.gucci

  • Blue

    Chaos, so much chaos. I totally love this, it made me laugh so much. I really enjoy your videos, they brighten my day.

  • Everly’s Health & Fitness
    Everly’s Health & Fitness


  • Ant xD
    Ant xD

    0:54 let's goo

  • liz knowlton
    liz knowlton

    I suggest leaving the bubble wrap on everything.... more mayo lol

  • Dermatillomaniac

    Just compile all your keister shanks....dead

  • Emma Amajiki
    Emma Amajiki

    1:38 “That’s murder”😂


    i love when he said the da baby

  • Damen Teal
    Damen Teal

    Dude this 1 video literally poped up on my recommended and now I can't stop watching him

  • Ochaco Uraraka
    Ochaco Uraraka

    My mum walked in on me and just walked straight out and sighed

  • Brody Barth
    Brody Barth

    " oh these... they were my old combat pants" proceeds to jump hump chair Me " chabies "

  • Undercover_Pigeon

    5 Minute Crafts, where you become the weapon

  • Stella Wright
    Stella Wright

    This is my like 100th time watching this and I just realized he said telegraph instead of choreographing the moves of the self defense part😂😂😂

  • XChiileWhoX

    ✨lil shank✨

  • Kennedy Bale
    Kennedy Bale

    His poor bedroom

  • ASMR_Madi’s World
    ASMR_Madi’s World

    “Now if someone wants to belly bump with me..they’re gonna..uhm...DIE” 😂

  • Denki Kaminari
    Denki Kaminari


  • Jozzy Palsss
    Jozzy Palsss

    We love how he raps his whole room and himself in bubble rap

  • Cyberdramon

    this man fills the cowchop void i've been feeling

  • Gabriella Quinones
    Gabriella Quinones

    Literally I can’t believe you covered yourself all in bubble wrap that’s really funny you literally covered yourself in the whole room full of bubble wrap

  • Spiders Are People Too
    Spiders Are People Too

    Why does he have pads in his kitchen.

  • Selina Speranza
    Selina Speranza

    I love you videos so much you so funny

  • Katie Jones
    Katie Jones

    If you wanna rub up on my da-baby you’re gonna have to wear uh da-gloves, okay?

  • Kenadi Wine
    Kenadi Wine

    I love your videos

  • Роман Узов
    Роман Узов

    Чел, похоже, любит повозиться в грязи. Сколько ни смотрю, не надоедает.

  • Kathryn benson
    Kathryn benson

    He's the living version of Kenn... he always dies in these videos

  • da boy sus
    da boy sus

    Me: mom can we get the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. Mom: no, we have him at home. Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man at home 2:10

  • Fortnitegamers Fun
    Fortnitegamers Fun

    I looked away for 20 seconds and I came back to you wearing a complete body cast of bubble wrap

  • Maja Petersson
    Maja Petersson

    I love ur videos and ur spier videos

  • emily

    1:43 😂😭💀

  • plastic heart
    plastic heart

    Brandon i love you 😃

  • Kaylynne Schubert
    Kaylynne Schubert

    Octapie? I can go for pie😋

  • stormingboy


  • Lili Mei Buchan
    Lili Mei Buchan

    I cried from laughing

  • Nate Rivers
    Nate Rivers

    Omg he’s so funny 😝

  • Lando

    This man has crackhead energy

  • Lando

    Then dababy turns in to lil shank that got me

  • Y/N X deku kacchan X kiri
    Y/N X deku kacchan X kiri

    Bruh the bubble wrap 2:13

  • kermit the frog will be in your bed tonight
    kermit the frog will be in your bed tonight

    when do you get this in prison i dont even have this

  • Cactus Queen68
    Cactus Queen68

    “What in the Judas Priest baby” 😂

  • Chloe Henry
    Chloe Henry

    ive been depressed cause my dog died last month and these videos have been helping me throught that so i wanted to say thank you brian your the best comedian out there ive never laughed this hard in my life loll 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Quinn the queer
      Quinn the queer

      Sorry for your loss :/ Stay strong, it gets better

  • dads crunchyroll
    dads crunchyroll

    Its like youtube is connected to tiktok

  • Lil Dodly
    Lil Dodly

    Did he say da- da baby⁉️

  • cassie mau
    cassie mau

    where did that mayo come from LMFAO hello?

  • Xx.Mocha._.

    3:48 Just for me to replay and hear the bonk

  • Gwanna Almataoo
    Gwanna Almataoo

    1:47 i'd like one please

  • Adventures Of Vanego
    Adventures Of Vanego

    Ewww that was a loud fart

  • cloneheroisawsome

    0:55 let's go

  • Maura Brown
    Maura Brown

    How long does it take you to do these videos??? 🤣🤣🤣

  • FORTNITEboy82

    Brandon you are the coolest person and your really funny I watch your vids every day 😀

  • Mikkel Raev
    Mikkel Raev

    Wtf was that thumbnail? Im fucking dying. 🤣

  • ender shy
    ender shy

    Heu fill in the blank Try shuving ,--------this keyster---_----

  • Bella&Leo

    "sumone wants to rub up on my da baby.. there gonna um- well die.." 😂😂

  • M E
    M E

    No into no outro just a dumb person in front of a camer with everything they could possibly do..... what could go wrong😂

  • M E
    M E

    I found my soulmate😂

  • Chloe M
    Chloe M

    2:14 *unknown fart*

  • Axellen 2point. Oh
    Axellen 2point. Oh

    Brandon, you are the only youtuber who can really make me laugh so thank you so very much!!!! Also loved the video

  • Grace Foose
    Grace Foose

    one of these hat stabies

  • Kalee Anne
    Kalee Anne

    Brandon: *does motions and doesn’t say anything* Also Brandon: “You heard me”

  • Raquel Davis
    Raquel Davis

    Me watching brandon ferris at 12:22

  • T train
    T train


  • Ben Brand
    Ben Brand

    1:00 da baby lol

    • Yes Yes
      Yes Yes


    • Krypton


  • Eros DeathSlav6661
    Eros DeathSlav6661

    Love how the video just ends with him about to get splatter painted by condiments. 😂

  • Evelyn Connett
    Evelyn Connett

    This video was definitely worth the 20 seconds non skip advert

  • Unstoppable Energy
    Unstoppable Energy

    Next time you get a bruise do you know how internal bleeding is a serious thing? A bruise is actually internal bleeding. So the next time someone says it’s OK tell them no that’s internal bleeding.