Insane Beauty Life Hacks
I don't recommend drinking milk through a wiener straw..just trust me.
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  • Senaida Castaneda
    Senaida Castaneda

    wait- Brandon.... You have a child- AND a Gf...? :o Here i am thinking you were all alone-

  • Lick Toes
    Lick Toes

    Transformer brandon final form 3:13

  • Patty Reeves
    Patty Reeves

    you are so funny brandon

  • kimmy

    i feel ashamed that this is my type of humour

  • Asia Lynn
    Asia Lynn

    0:57 Short Sleeved socks?! Confusions

  • Taylor Smith
    Taylor Smith

    He acts like a kid

  • Anja S
    Anja S

    How much time you spend on cleaning your house?

  • zzeplayz 1!
    zzeplayz 1!

    He now just like his daughter cause he ate glue like her 🤦‍♀️

  • zzeplayz 1!
    zzeplayz 1!

    Like she probably full on no joke ATE it and he’s here saying “My daughter at this once and she’s still here” HOW

  • zzeplayz 1!
    zzeplayz 1!

    Can we just take a moment to release that is daughter most likely ate the glue.....🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Mehak Panai
    Mehak Panai

    Why is anyone not talking about his purple hair??? That looks cool

  • Deeksha Hota
    Deeksha Hota

    "Once you get past the initial pain, oh, it comes back so fast" - Brandon, 2020. Words to live by

  • Person

    so for the hack when it said it removes hair you used lemon juice and it said coconut oil ....... lol

  • Addison Thompson
    Addison Thompson

    0:20// Brandon: NoWwWw ItS a StRaW :) Also Brandon: (drinks from a hotdog) (Spits it out) there’s a little bit of wIeNeR in my straw >:( Brandon: it really spoiled my wiener >:(.....-(a few seconds later) No, no, I would love more :) I’m actually weiner-tose-tolerant 😁 Brandon again: Actually any tose or any body part that isn’t mine I don’t want in my mouth don’t matter if you have toes or you lactose, I’m- (says in a whisper) I’m kiddin- I don’t want it (giggles) (takes another drink from the hotdog straw) (spits it out again) (clears through because it was gross)

  • Addison Thompson
    Addison Thompson

    (0:02) Brandon: I see nothing wrong here😅😀

  • TheOG Negro
    TheOG Negro

    0:57 my brother has the same shorts

  • Katelynn Kaminsky
    Katelynn Kaminsky


  • Eva Steiner
    Eva Steiner

    When you do your high voice you sound like kip from Napoleon dynamite

  • Yeosangs Chicken
    Yeosangs Chicken

    “Are you crying tears of... ow?”

  • Blair Gonzalez
    Blair Gonzalez

    Brandon: that’s one way to say turtles, oh that’s why I didn’t work there wasn’t a whole. *uses straw to poke whole*

  • Cloudy Days
    Cloudy Days

    My question is HOW DOES HE HAS EVERYTHING lol 🤔😂😂

  • lol emily
    lol emily

    0:11 *toddlers are quaking*

  • Dermatillomaniac

    Oh, I'm making it weird?!

  • Youna Kharka
    Youna Kharka

    How did you peel the hotdog 🌭

  • Undercover_Pigeon

    "Are you crying tears of ow?"

  • Kakashi Sensei
    Kakashi Sensei

    Did no one notice his hair is purple??

  • SwiftyKey lexa
    SwiftyKey lexa

    Русские есть???.

  • James Tuten
    James Tuten

    I can't watch his videos without my inhaler

  • Rice Bun
    Rice Bun

    The nimble ornament inadvertently dry because makeup early try through a salty ptarmigan. secretive, wet community

  • Izuku Afton
    Izuku Afton

    I love when he’s in pain he says some of the best things

  • Tamaki Amajiki
    Tamaki Amajiki

    Let’s just appreciate he chockes has illergic reactions and gets his house dirty for us

  • Marius van Aardt
    Marius van Aardt

    Thanks for making my days better

  • Kyouka Jirou
    Kyouka Jirou

    Me when he got lemon in his eyes: sir, I think you're blin- Seconds later: I'm fine Me: Uh-

  • Phili17bozz


  • Angela Stanley
    Angela Stanley

    Thank you

  • Cody M
    Cody M

    I am now here thank you for asking

    • Cody M
      Cody M

      When he walked out the door him nope

  • Linda Harvey
    Linda Harvey

    You are the best UZloadr ever imbrandonfarris you're amazing I'm 11 years old

  • tøxic_Cardi B UwU
    tøxic_Cardi B UwU

    0:16 tHeReS gOtTa Be A eAsIeR wAy To Do ThIs....oH dOnT sHoW oFf LiKe ThAt 😩

  • Brandy Nicole
    Brandy Nicole

    He said "baking soda i got baking soda"

  • Ary Mcl
    Ary Mcl

    His poor face


    My question is how did you pill the Wiener .

  • Fluff 177
    Fluff 177

    I love how Autumn is not his biological daughter but he cares for her so much and says that she is his daughter! Gloria and him would make such great parents together. Well I mean they already are.

  • Valentyn Sukhyy
    Valentyn Sukhyy

    I've seen my daughter eat it and she's still here' lol 😂🤣🤣🤣

  • can ya tell me how to get to sesame street
    can ya tell me how to get to sesame street

    0:6 is cursed

  • Coffee island
    Coffee island

    Brandon try to use sausage as a straw but forgot to make a hole. Brandon:no. Closet brandon:I don't want that. Then poking a hole. Me:wait a damn minute. Did d d did you just made a straw with a straw? Then better use the straw you used to make a sausage straw.

  • Samantha Lott
    Samantha Lott

    I'm pretty sure when a product like glue says "dont apply to skin", that means Dont apply To Skin!.

  • Firecracker 712
    Firecracker 712

    This guy is funny

  • a normal kid but make them just hit different
    a normal kid but make them just hit different

    did nobody notice ‘jear desus’

  • zack fornite
    zack fornite


  • Savanna Hamblin
    Savanna Hamblin

    "no you must be new here"

  • etil77

    He is trying to open lemon juice but it sprays in his eyes then he proceeds to walk like a t-rex out of the room.🤣🤣🤣4:05 I had to edit this like 8 times to get the right timing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Big Brother
    Big Brother

    Good bye pale lips hello pain

  • Big Brother
    Big Brother

    It doesn’t matter if you have toes or if you lactose 😂

  • Mezomp


  • Lola W
    Lola W

    0:17 it looks like a tampon lol

  • Chrissy Clarke
    Chrissy Clarke

    4,000 Comments omg nice

  • Lili Mei Buchan
    Lili Mei Buchan

    Doesn’t matter if you have toes or if you lactose! I am dying of laughter

  • alexis b
    alexis b

    I think he need a pickle and a hug, i feel so bad for his office

  • Dara Ingoldsby
    Dara Ingoldsby

    Nobody : Brandon: I wanna go to daddy's

  • Sissy Macaroni
    Sissy Macaroni


  • Lanai Corbin
    Lanai Corbin

    Is this non toxic I saw my daughter eat it before and she still here 😂😂😂it’s 2 in da morning I have school

  • Green Beans :D
    Green Beans :D

    Poor dude. Brush your teeth real good tonight.

  • Røse_uchiha

    I feel so bad for him omg😭😔😂

  • Bi_Bean_Nb idkwhattoputhere
    Bi_Bean_Nb idkwhattoputhere

    is anyone going to tell him he could wash the mask off

  • Eleonora Najdoska
    Eleonora Najdoska

    Milk and meat products do not go together

  • YandereBerryWolf

    Anyone realize he mixed the face mask thing with a hotdog?-

  • Non-binary Bitch
    Non-binary Bitch

    The way I found out about five minute crafts is because I needed crafts that you can do with everyday objects, Let me tell you We have a different idea of everyday objects

  • Marvel Reynolds
    Marvel Reynolds

    Can we all take a moment to acknowledge the fact that he used a straw to make the hot dog straw.

  • Jazz

    He really said YOLO in life

  • Leah Chauvin
    Leah Chauvin

    When he pealed the hot dog like a banana i was dead🤣🤣

  • Olivia Jones
    Olivia Jones

    Oh! I wanna go to daddy,s 😂😂🤣

  • Jade Taylor
    Jade Taylor

    When he said daughter did he mean autumn I swear that’s to cute

  • Taniyah Doshie
    Taniyah Doshie

    I love this guy he too funny 😂😂😂

  • Mikaela Mendes
    Mikaela Mendes

    The mask tho 😂

  • Kendra Steele
    Kendra Steele

    Brandon: this is not what I intended Both of us: I ALWAYS SWORE TO YOU ID NEVER FALL APART 😂🤣🤣

  • Alexia Navarro
    Alexia Navarro

    Is it me or Brandon Has Purple Hair On The Video Or I’m Color Blind

    • gutzvin

      Yeah there’s a video where his gf(I think) dyed his hair! can send link if you wanna

  • Faith Drzycimski
    Faith Drzycimski

    Brandon: **peels charcoal mask off his face** Brandon: **gets up and leaves the room without a word**

  • Fern Frenette
    Fern Frenette

    This mans poor face I feel bad for his face 😢

  • Hogwartsgacha

    Mmmm the Forbidden banana Pocket lol

  • Baylee Volgstadt
    Baylee Volgstadt

    Can u. Pls pin this comment it would mean a lot to me🥺

  • •Random_cosplays •
    •Random_cosplays •

    "heh, I am having the hardest time blinking" that got me laughing so hard omg, and my laugh is so laud (like Zack from Angels of death, and exactly like his) My mom came it to se if I was OK, lol

  • Thestral Vestral
    Thestral Vestral

    2:15 i wish i could make that noise

  • deer Queen
    deer Queen

    When the lemon sprayed u in the face I fell out of my seat

  • Katsuki Bakugou
    Katsuki Bakugou

    “Goodbye pale lips. Hello- pain ow ow!” 😂😂

  • Katsuki Bakugou
    Katsuki Bakugou

    “No! *laughs* I didn’t know you knew Spanish”

  • Daniel McCormick
    Daniel McCormick

    About your shit off if you can take it off OK OK boy boy

  • Angella Norman
    Angella Norman

    This the funnies guy on youtube

  • Solasta Digital
    Solasta Digital

    Funny 😆😍

  • Johannamariacarey74 Carey
    Johannamariacarey74 Carey

    🤭😅😆😁 Purple Batman

  • Jade xo
    Jade xo

    👉😠👉 ñø

  • Juanita Alessandra
    Juanita Alessandra

    black heads? No ThAnK YoU iM fUlL

  • Kaleo

    3:48 e l e v a t e

  • Kara Hurt
    Kara Hurt

    "No. I don't want that!" *Points at hotdog straw in milk. 😂😂

  • Parker Giles
    Parker Giles

    OMG HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Save the Turtles😎😎😎😎😹😹😹😹

  • Reem Thatonegirlwithstainedpurplehair
    Reem Thatonegirlwithstainedpurplehair

    YoU mUsT bE nEw HeRe😂😂🤣

    • Alaina Gibbs
      Alaina Gibbs

      ChEeSe AnD cRuSt .

  • Dog Egg
    Dog Egg

    You are a big boy 🤣

  • AngeloPlayz


  • Flix

    ..... that face mask is uhhhhhh yea it not look good

  • Ana Sarabia
    Ana Sarabia

    He. Makes. Me. Die. Of Laughter

  • Yubb Chub
    Yubb Chub

    My ad: do you need help? Call 403 *** **** It was a tape/glue ad